Kingdom of Hesminia

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United Kingdom of Hesminia & Territories
Hesminia {Hes-Mìn-ya}
Flag of Kingdom of Hesminia
Coat of arms of Kingdom of Hesminia
Coat of arms
Motto: Vivat Dominus et creatura eius
Anthem: Song of The Flowers
National Flower: Firecracker flower ( Crossandra infundibuliformis )

National Tree: mahogany tree

National Fruit: Coconut

National Bird: Red Maya
CapitalCastle Xenon, Xeniria
Largest cityCastillo ,Castilia
Official languagesHiligaynon, Filipino, English
Recognised regional languagesEnglish, Hiligaynon, Tagalog, Cebuano, Kinaray-ah,
Demonym(s)Hesminian ( Hesmano/Hesmana )
  • Unitary absolute monarchy
  • Parliamentary
• Dual Monarchs
Their Majesties, King Xiaen Panes & King Schey Bayot
• *Prime Minister of folks: Genesis Martinez
  • Deputy Prime Minister : Rechice Mapa
• *Lord Privy Seal: Steven Smith
  • Head of Science Department:( vacant )
• *Minister of Culture and Arts: Carl Miguel Salgado Victa
  • Minister of Non-Partisan Regions : Jhon mark Nonato
LegislatureImperial Parliament of Hesminia
Royal Court
House of Nobles House of Folks
EstablishmentJune 20, 2013
• Established
July, 20, 2013
• Happens every 10 years census
GDP (PPP)estimate
• Total
Relies on Macro government
CurrencyPhilippine Peso / Hesmer ( commemorative )
Time zonePhilippine Standard time and Pacific Daylight Time
Internet TLDUKHT
Facebook page:Hesminiaauthority

Hesminia, Officially known as the United Kingdom of Hesminia is a Micronation with territorial claims over parts in the Philippines and outside of the philippines. Hesminia is known before as Principality of Haje in 2013 during the first reign of Prince Xiaen which is also the founder of this micronation under the family of Pane Dynasty for six months until the transition of power came after the Prince was expelled from power then the path of authority was paved in the reign of the (Jamotillo ) Jam Dynasty, Queen Crystal the fairest was crowned Queen by the support of few lords beyond sponsorship by the Baron's, then during her reign her court ended the absolute monarchy and change into a constitutional monarchy, they also changed the name of the nation into the Kingdom of San Fernando in 2014, then after two years queen crystal abdicated to power in 2015, King Sun harvey becomes king and paved the way to the ( Pamulag )Pam Dynasty and king sun later becomes emperor in which he united multiple micronations under his reign and proclaim as Emperor Sun Harvey the first Emperor of the mighty empire of san fernando, after a period of golden rays the age of dark stone came which also marks the end of Emperor Sun Harvey`s reign after he abdicated from power on 2018 due to his health, the empires province were rift to different micronation which this period is known as the great collapse due to multiple micronation's later were dissolves, the power and throne was restored to Prince Xiaen and the return of the ( Panes) Pane Dynasty.


The territory of the Kingdom of Hesminia consists of Hesminian Regions and the remote, freehold land of each regions with its own highest authority of each member state.


The Following are the Regions of Hesminia:

  • Xeniria (Capital)
  • Esteria
  • Yukland
  • Scarlataria
  • Westeros Armedile
  • Avaritia
  • Crosis
  • Northern Tempest
  • Mudfields
  • Arthelia
  • Takubayaki ( S.A.R )
  • Peltland
  • Revera Mandate
  • Stemibleo ( S.A.R )
  • Castilia
  • Vester
  • Crusia
  • Geldian
  • Talamar


  • Republic of Venthonish
  • New state of whistland
  • Republic of Philip
  • United Kingdom of Micronatia


  • Principality of Hillside

Kingdom of hesminia or also known before as Principality of haje is a micronation located in the city of iloilo. It was established on June 20, 2013, by Sir Xiaen Panes former monarch of the kingdom, currently known as King Xiaen Panes.The United Kingdom of Hesminia was composed of other region's of the kingdom including the nation's who join in the union, The United Kingdom of hesminia is a nation who does not wish to be recognized by the UN or the macro-nation it is a private property hidden away from the public eye.