Kingdom of Hoppalobindia

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Kingdom of Hoppalobindia
Unofficial Flag
Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Motto: none
Anthem: none
and largest city
Hoppalobindia city
Official languagesEnglish, Norwegian
GovernmentAbsolute "jokist" monarchy
• King
Patrick of Hoppalobindia
Establishment5th June 2008.
• Census
CurrencyNorwegian kroner

Hoppalobindia, or officially the Kingdom of Hoppalobindia was a small micronation which existed between the 5th June 2008, and the 23rd of February 2010, in what today is the province of the Clyne, a part of the Empire of Paravia. Hoppalobindia was founded by Patrick Renvik (the current Emperor of the Empire of Paravia) as a "jokist" nation, a term later coined by Patrick right before the foundation of Paravia. As it was founded in 2008 when Patrick was very young and had no idear how to properly run a country the nation was purely simulationist and lacked very basic features. In 2010 after a long period of inactivity, the Kingdom of Hoppalobindia was disbanded.


The government of Hoppalobindia only consisted of the King, as there was no one else interested.


Because of the nature of Hoppalobindia as a "jokist" nation run by an 8 year old there was no political structure. All decisions where taken by the King.


Hoppalobindia only had diplomatic relations with the Clipp republic, which was a small micronation founded by One of Patrick closest friends. In terms of foreign policy, there was none.

Diplomatic relation's

Clipp Republic.


The only territory of the Kingdom of Hoppalobindia was the capital area (today the province of the Clyne in the Empire of Paravia). This territory had no official name however was referred to simply as "home" by the king.

Armed Forces

The Kingdom of Hoppalobindia never had any armed forces seeing as it had such a small population and no need for a millitary.


The Kingdom of Hoppalobindia never had a national, Royal or any sort of anthem.

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