Kingdom of Isralica

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The Kingdom of Isralica
Motto: To Defend and Protect
Anthem: The Nation of the Creek
CapitalIsralica City
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentDemocratic Monarchy
• Current leader
King Kevin the Noble
• Foundation
January 15th, 2007

Isralica was originally its own nation discovered by King Kevin within North America.


The terrain of the region changes throughout its over 50 acres. There is a desert area which is mostly dead except during early spring. The swamp area is extremely swampy during the wet season, though dry most other times. The coastal region is mostly forested and quite lush and has a cool temperature. Both Isralica City and New Pebble Beach are within the Coastal Region. Isralica also owns the Mill Falls Territory and the Grassy Ridge Territory. There are disputes of the actual name of the Grassy Ridge Territory. The person who made the screenshot of the map calls it Grass Ridge, however, the King says that the correct term is Grassy Ridge. It depends on where you come from within the territory. The Parklands, the Swamp, and several parks within Mill Falls and Grassy Ridge are protected by The Isralica National Park Service.

Sister Cities

Isralica City

Slinky Empyre Saint Rychard

Isralica Map


The Isralican government is based on a democratic monarchy where the monarch, King Kevin, is in charge, but with a 2/3rds vote of the people, they can veto any law. The main party is the Libertarian Party and our nation agrees with most of its principals except abortion is illegal within and for its citizens, out of the nation on the principal that all life is precious. Our government is based on less government, more freedom and less taxes.


Department of Border Security and Immigration

In order to enter our territory, you must go through customs at the customs office. To become a Isralican Citizen, you must apply for citizenship. You can apply by emailing

Department of State

The Isralican government obeys all Alertherian alliances but does not obey all treaties. To make specific diplomatic relations with Isralica, contact King Kevin at Isralica is a founding member of The Eastern Seaboard Union (ESU).

Independence from The Republic of Alerther

Isralica has formally gained full independence from The Republic of Alerther due to inactivity and the unorganization of Alerther. This has taken effect as of January 1, 2010.

Department of Defense

DEFCON 2.png


Isralica has its own army independent of the Alertherian army called the Isralican Royal Guard. The General of the Army is General Sam. There is also the Engineering Division of the Army created for building fortresses and roads around the Region.

Current Projects

  • Road Clearing
  • Re-posting Signs
  • Building Breakers in New Pebble Beach
  • Rebuilding the Bridge in New Pebble Beach
  • Building a Dock in New Pebble Beach, South New Pebble Beach and Isralica City.

Other Important Departments

  • Department of Economics (The Mint/Bank Regulations)
  • Department of the Interior (Environment/Parks)


Isralica celebrates the following holidays:

  • New Years Eve - Dec. 31
  • New Years/Alertherian Indepencence Day - Jan. 1 - The day Isralica gained full independence from Alerther
  • Isralica Day - Jan. 15 - The day the Isralica Nation was founded.
  • Benjamin Franklin Day - Jan. 17
  • Blizzard Week - Feb. 5-12
  • Washington Day - Feb. 22
  • Easter - April 4
  • Labor Day - Sept. 7
  • Columbus Day - Oct. 12
  • Veteran's Day - Nov. 11
  • King's Birthday - Nov. 25
  • Christmas Eve - Dec. 24
  • Christmas Day - Dev. 25


In order to import goods into Isralica, you must pay a tarrif of $1-$20 depending on the value of the goods exceding $20.


  • Secret Hot Chocolate
  • Crawfish
  • Walking Sticks
  • Herbs
  • Tomatoes
  • Corn