Kingdom of Jehovah

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Kingdom of Jehovah
Coat of arms
Motto: English:"Christ, Jehovah, Heaven"
Latin:"Christus, Dominus, Caelum"
Anthem: Inno e Marcia Pontificale

Region of Southern Alberta|frameless|upright=1.15]]
Official languagesLatin, English
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• King
• Regent
Connor Shaw
• Census
CurrencyCanadian Dollar
Time zoneMountain Time Zone

The Kingdom of Jehovah, or just Jehovah, formerly the Kingdom of Aberland, is a micronation in Southern Alberta, Canada. Built upon the values and morals of Christianity, the Kingdom of Jehovah was originally founded in early 2019 by Connor Shaw, the original idea to create a Micronation came in mid-2018, however. The Kingdom of Jehovah is comparable to a religious Commune, it follows the teachings of the Bible precisely how they are written and makes no deviation. The Kingdom of Jehovah is not restricted to any specific sect of Christianity and accepts Christians from any variation.

The Kingdom of Jehovah is an Absolute Monarchy, the King being God in Heaven, who is represented by their Regent, Connor Shaw, he goes to great lengths to ensure that all of his actions as regent are deliberate and Holy, never deviating from the word of God as laid out in the Bible. The Kingdom of Jehovah's Regent is chosen by God, which is usually the son of the previous Regent, though in certain cases God may choose to select an alternate candidate instead.

The Kingdom of Jehovah has had many struggles when attempting to acquire land to build upon their Commune, and in its current state, they have roughly 1.5 acres to live, although they are currently in the process of purchasing a new lot.

On February 17, 2021 at 11:57 PM, Regent Connor dissolved the Kingdom of Jehovah, citing inactivity and an increasing disinterest in the Micronation.


Jehovah is one of the Hebrew names of God written in the Bible, the Kingdom of Jehovah is named after their King and their God, as he is their one and only master in life, whom they fear and respect. Jehovah has been adopted by groups other than the Kingdom of Jehovah, a major example being Jehovah's Witnesses, the Kingdom of Jehovah avoids association with them, due to the reputation of the Jehovah's Witnesses, and the accusation of them being a cult.


In 2018 Connor Shaw had a major religious awakening, this coincided with him first learning about the Micronational movement, this converged in early 2019 when Connor Shaw began works to create his Micronation, it originally began as his backyard, which he claimed as his own, but he later grew tired of just that and began looking for another property to claim, he also decided that he wished to lean more into the Communal side of Micronationalism, wishing to turn his Micronation into a Commune.

Flag of the Kingdom

The flag of the Kingdom of Jehovah was designed June 5, 2020 by Regent Connor. The flag's design is heavily based on that of the Christian flag, the Kingdom of Jehovah's flag moved the left canton to cover the second top canton and added crossed keys on the bottom centre. Alongside the predominant flag, other allowed national flags for the Kingdom of Jehovah include the flag of Christianity, and the Kingdom of God Flag.

Aberland Era (2019-2020)

Flag of the Kingdom of Aberland.

Up until June 6, 2020 the Kingdom of Jehovah was known as the Kingdom of Aberland, at which point Connor Shaw was the King. Aberland had done many things before it was converted to Jehovah, it established the first National Coal Mine, it established the Government, and the way it should be run, and quite many more things, but there came a point where Connor's theocratic tendencies grew too large, and the Kingdom made a full conversion to a Theocratic nation, with God at the helm of the State. The Aberland Era is defined by its frequent social media usage, and it's coming into contact with plenty of nations. The Aberland Era and its consequences have been significant for the Kingdom of Jehovah

Foreign relations

The Kingdom of Jehovah has had very little interaction with other Micronations, mostly limited to online communication, and short conversations. The Kingdom of Jehovah looks for like-minded nations who show interest in Religion, and moxie towards realism, they have mostly spoken with Monarchies, but have had brushes with other types of Micronations as well. The Kingdom of Jehovah has been a Council member of the Micronational Assembly since September 2020.

Diplomatic relations

Allied Nations

These are the nations in which the Kingdom of Jehovah has been the closest to, and had the best foreign relations with:

Knights of Jehovah

The Knights of Jehovah is the name of the Kingdom of Jehovah's Military Force, they vow to protect the Kingdom of Jehovah, and to Worship and Fear God. They were established June 9, 2020, as a result of a collection of gear being put together by the Government of Jehovah, as of yet the Knights of Jehovah have not been used in any Military Conflict. During the Aberland Era, The Kingdom of Aberland had the Aberland CyberDefence Forces as their Military Force, which was involved in the Hougoumont Campaign, and the destruction of Johnny Land. The Knights of Jehovah are generally emblazoned with a Maltese Cross on their equipment, reminiscent of the Crusades, although other variations of the Cross may be used depending on the personal denomination of the Soldier.