Kingdom of Khazaria

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Not to be confused with Khazar or Royal State of Khazar.
Kingdom of Khazaria

Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Motto: "For World, For Humanity."
Anthem: Great Khazaria
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised national languagesKorean
Recognised regional languagesKorean, Spanish
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• King
Leo I
• Prime Minister
Enrique Zaragoza
LegislatureRoyal Council
• Estimate
very high
CurrencyRyel, ჟ (KKR)
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+2222

The Kingdom of Khazaria is a micronation established with the aim of promoting human welfare and environmental protection based on a monarchy. The aims at national research and development.

National Goals

There are two goals of the country.

The first is to discuss together to find a solution for human welfare and create a culture as a project for it. The second is to create and implement projects for environment and welfare and ecological preservation to protect the environment.

While politics and law are important to us, we prioritize community projects. It will have a similar operation to Grand Duchy of Flandrensis.

National Symbol

Symbol Name Image
National Flag Flag of Khazaria
National Coat of Arms Coat of arms of Khazaria
National motto For World, For Humanity
National anthem Great Khazaria
National animal White Eagle
National flower Cosmos
Official language English
National calendar Gregorian calendar

Royal Emblem



The Government consists of the monarch, the king, with the prime minister in charge of the king's cabinet and the ministers of the government agencies under him.

In addition, the law is discussed in the "Royal Council", a consultative body of state ministers, and there are no political parties and parliaments. Any citizen can be a minister.

The Government ministries that exist under the Cabinet are:

-Department of Relations Affairs

-Department of Environment

-Department of Citizens

-Department of Technology

-Department of Finance

-Department of Culture

Diplomatic Relations

The Government can be of interest between the two countries, can contribute to cooperation and development between micronations, and can conclude formal treaties with countries that have contributed to the development of the community.

The government officially recognizes all countries, even if they are not officially involved.

In addition, the government has always been diplomatically neutral.

The list of countries with official treaties with the government is as follows:



Khazaria's culture is a community where everyone hangs together, and there are no strict procedures or rules in place.

In accordance with the constitution, which is the basis of the country, citizens are free to set rules and propose the country's culture to the government accordingly.

In addition, we create an atmosphere where there is no discrimination and violence, and each one strives to avoid breaking the rules and not being confused, so that the community can grow.

Order of Eagle (Medal)

This medal is the highest medal of the kingdom, and is awarded to contributors and foreign state guests. We plan to go into production in the future.

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