Kingdom of Kronland

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The Kingdom of Kronland

Motto: {SWE} För kung och fosterland! | {EST} Kuninga ja riigi jaoks!

Anthem: {SWE} Jag är en stolt kronländare! {EST} Olen uhke Kroonimaa elanik!

The Kingdom of Kronland, simply known as Kronland, is an European micronation claiming sovereignty over territories in the baltic sea. The national animal of Kronland is the Stickleback.

The Government of the Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system, defined by the Kingdom's constitution. The current monarch is king Max I Kronburg who has ruled since Wynnland was founded on 2021-02-21, the Kronland head of state is the prime minister, which still has to be elected, after we have gotten a prime minister there is going to be an election each 2 years. Kronland’s official capital is Kronösund which also is in need of a mayor, this also is the only region in Kronland.

Kronland’s size has fluctuated throughout its history. When founded, the Kingdom encompassed - of land. Kronland's total size is 0m² as it hasn't gotten any official land claims yet as the current monarch is under 18. The official language of Kronland is Swedish and Estonian, but all citizens also speak English.

Kronland does not have an economy, much like many other micronations. Most of the income generated by the government is through voluntary donations. Most citizens work outside of Kronland and import goods from their respective macronations, allowing for Kronland to have living standards expected for a developed country. Currently, Kronland is in it's foundation era. This is shown through the fact of Kronland’s citizenship census.

How is Kronland protected? Kronland is protected by a small and outdated military force containing 1 officer and 4 soldiers equipped with 1940’s equipment, there also is a small king’s guard force containing 2 guards and a police force which only contains 1 police officer at the moment.

Does Kronland have a school system? No, Kronland does not have a school yet, however we are planning on launching a small daycare for children under 6 years old and a primary school.

Does Kronland have an airport? No, Kronland does not have an airport.

Does Kronland have a harbor? Yes, if this actually comes into existence there will be a small harbor, also possibly a smaller patrol boat.

What are the Kronland citizens called, and are there any minority languages? Kronland citizens are called Kronlanders in English, however the official name is in Swedish Kronländare and in Estonian Kroonmandur. Here you can apply for citizenship.