Kingdom of Lavari

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Kingdom of Lavari
Motto: From Chaos, Lavari
From Chaos, Lavari
Anthem: Lavari, oh Lavari
Royal anthem: May the House Live On!
LocationArizona, Southern United States
Official languagesEnglish, Old Norse and Lavarian
Recognised national languagesSpanish, Korean, Polish, Russian, Japanese, German and Chinese
Norse Pagan and Catholic
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• King
Scott I
• Chancellor
John Edwards-Williams
• General of the Army
Hideo Shimomura
State Council
Governing Senate
Independence from USA
• 2022 census
CurrencyUS Dollar
Time zoneUTC-6:30 (LST)
Driving sideright
Calling code+1

Lavari, officially known as the Kingdom of Lavari, is a micronation with territories located in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. It was founded on 10 June 2017 by Scott Lankford, who sits in the throne as King Scott I. It has 12 citizens.


The name Lavari actually comes from the location it's capital formerly sat in. Lav stands for Laveen, while the Ari stands for Arizona.


Lavarian Revolution

Starting on 31 December 2016, US citizen Scott Lankford declared an independence movement and started a revolution and gathered a small army of 23 people. The revolution would last for a few months, consisting of a few battles, and would eventually end on 9 June 2017, with the Treaty of Mesa. The Declaration of Independence was put on paper, and the Constitution was written and signed on 10 June, just after 1 in the morning, marking the creation of the Kingdom of Lavari.

Cheatham Rebellions

The Cheatham Rebellions are a series of rebellions on 20 June 2017. The rebellions would be successful in creating a Soviet government in a section of Lavari that would go on to be called the Cheatham Soviet Republic (CSR). The Premier was Nicholas Lankford, brother of King Scott and heir to the throne.

Lavari-Cheatham Border Crisis

On 14 February 2018, Lavari and the CSR engaged in a series of talks about the border which was never fully drawn out after the revolution. The talks ended 9 May 2018, with the CSR rejoining Lavari as it’s Easternmost province.

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and Russo-Ukrainian War

Lavari has stated that they have sided with Palestine and Ukraine in the respective wars and has declared war on both Israel and Russia. The war against Israel was eventually renounced on 8 March 2022.

Involvement in Afghanistan

King Scott has chosen to remain neutral in Afghanistan since his ascension to the throne. However, due to the United States pulling out of the country, and the Taliban taking over, he urged parliament to wage war, starting the pleas on 20 August 2021. It took a few months, before King Scott declared an absolute monarchy, taking full power, and declared war on Afghanistan on 28 May 2022, and is still active in that war.


The geography of Lavari is mainly flat. The entire country is full of suburbs and small businesses and is located above sea level in a relatively flat area of the United States.

Administrative divisions

Lavari has 4 total provinces, as well as a Federal District. The provinces are: Laveen, Fairfax, Cheatham, Phoenix and Avalon. The Federal District is Morningstar, which sits in Phoenix.

Politics and governance

The government of the Kingdom of Lavari once followed a government style created by His Majesty King Scott. It followed a ConAb Monarchy. It was a combination of the Constitutional Monarchy and an Absolute Monarchy. It currently follows a Absolute Monarchy after the Monarchy Reform and Succession Act passed on 27 May 2022.

Foreign relations

Lavari has only established official friendly connections with the Stravonskan Soviet Republic, the Republic of Molossia, Hasanistan and the Hernandian Union.

Lavari has declared war on Israel and Russia. They declared war on Israel on 30 June 2021, during the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. That was eventually rescinded on 8 March 2022. They declared war on Russia on 6 March 2022, amidst the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Lavari has opened up talks with HRH Prince Nicholas, former Premier of the CSR, about establishing a new Cheatham nation. The talks started 20 May 2022 and may continue into the distant future.


To Lavarian people, food is an important aspect of their daily life. The Lavarians tend to eat more traditional Asian and European food, as well as some of Central and South America.

Religion isn’t very big in Lavari as they have no national religion. A majority of the population identifies as Catholic, while the King himself is a Norse Pagan.

Family and friends are the biggest aspect of Lavarian life. Hanging out and spending time with family and friends is the main cause of Lavari’s happiness.

Lavari follows traditional Wiccan and Norse Pagan holidays.


The successor of the throne is mainly by male-preference primogeniture, where a son will inherit before a daughter, and elder children will inherit before younger. However, for fear of dissolution, the monarch denied his parents and their ancestors a position on the throne. Due to the fact that there is currently no issue of HRM King Scott, the throne will pass to his brother HRH Prince Nicholas. It is also stated that HRH Prince Paul, the younger maternal half-brother of the King, shall not sit on the throne.

Later, the latest Monarchy Reform and Succession Act was passed, which stated the throne can go to Paul again. The current heir presumptive is His Royal Highness Prince Nicholas, the Duke of Cheatham.

Timeline of Lavarian monarchs


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