Kingdom of Lunt Village

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Kingdom of Lunt Village
Anthem: Praise to Lunt
Location of the Kingdom of Lunt Village within the UK.
LocationLiverpool, UK
Lunt City
Official languagesScouse
Roman Catholic
GovernmentParliamentary Monarchy
• Sheikh
Jake I
• Foundation
Early 2000's
• Estimate
CurrencyPoubblar (£^$)
Location of Lunt Village between Thornton & Sefton, Liverpool, UK.

The Kingdom of Lunt Village is a small and possibly fictional micronation located in Liverpool, UK, between the towns of Sefton and Thornton in Lunt Village. Not much is known about the Kingdom and its history, other than that it underwent a period of political turmoil until the current Sheikh Jake I took power in 2008.


The Kingdom of Lunt Village currently has no sporting teams but Sheikh Jake I is contemplating creating the first-ever Lunt Village Town F.C (L.V.T.F.C).


The currency of the Kingdom is the Luntonian Poubblar. Before the Sheikh took power, the currency was the British Pound.


The current official language of the Kingdom is Scouse. Before the Sheikh took power, the official language was Lutonian.

League of Merseyside Micronations

The Kingdom of Lunt Village has joined the League of Merseyside Micronations and will sign The Treaty of Aintree once it is drawn up.

Recent Additions

Recent additions to the Kingdom of Lunt Village include:

  • Secretary of Defense - Brad Ashton
  • Secretary of Schools - Jordan Stanton
  • Ministry of Sport - LFA
  • Honorary Citizens - Megan Evans
  • Head of Awesomeness - Oliver Thurston (Vice-Secretary - Dan Walsh)
  • Head of Music and Culture - Matt Gall
  • Important people in the house of parliament include - Declan Ashton, John McKenna, Mr. Dobson
  • Secretary of Environmental Affairs - Jennifer McKenna
  • Official Charity - Cancer Research UK