Kingdom of Malpok

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Kingdom of Malpok
Flag of Kingdom of Malpok
Coat of Arms of Kingdom of Malpok
Coat of Arms
Royal anthem: God Save the King
CapitalPort Volas
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentUnitary Absolute Monarchy
• Monarch
Luke I
House of Lords
House of Assembly
• Republic Established
24 October 2022
• Kingdom Established
15 November 2022
• 2022 estimate
Time zoneUTC+0 (GMT)
• Summer (DST)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideleft

The Kingdom of Malpok is a self declared sovereign state commonly known as a Micronation, located in Europe. It is the successor state to the Democratic People's Republic of Malpok - founded by a discord user known as RandomGuy.


The nation first emerged as the Democratic People's Republic of Malpok (DPRM). The DPRM was a nation that proclaimed itself to be communist and was overseen by a Supreme Leader and a Prime Minister. However, eventually some democracy was introduced. Luke of Wellmoore joined the nation and established the now defunct Monarcho-Conservative party, which achieved election success in the first general election. The party attained most of the legislature's seats and Luke became the Prime Minister which helped dismantle the communist regime. On 14 November 2022, the nation's Supreme Leader resigned. After discussions, Luke was proclaimed the new Supreme Leader. On 15 November 2022 Luke dissolved the DPRM and proclaimed the establishment of the Kingdom. Luke installed himself as monarch and his royal house, the House of Wellmoore as the ruling house of the nation.

On 7 June 2023, Malpok became a crown dependency of the Land of the Bears.

Government and Politics

As of 15 November 2022 - the nation is under an absolute monarchy. Alongside this, the nation does have a bicameral parliament to help oversee and legislate over the nation.


The monarchy is the absolute head of state in the kingdom. The monarch wields absolute power but typically only exercises it in certain situations.

As the monarch of Malpok is also the monarch of Wellmoore, they can choose to appoint a Governor-General of Malpok to oversee and help manage the nation on the monarch's behalf so the monarch can keep up with both nations.

Prime Ministership

The prime minister is the head of government in the kingdom. The office is appointed by the monarch and they chair the cabinet. They nominate members of parliament for cabinet positions. The prime minister also guides the legislative process in government and parliament.


The national parliament is bicameral. It consists of the House of Lords and House of Assembly.

The house of lords is made up of members appointed by the monarch. All members hold a peerage or are a senior religious minister within the nation.

The house of assembly typically is elected by the public. Elections are called by the monarch and members of the house are elected by the proportional representation system. The government is typically a members of this house and the house is the primary legislative chamber of parliament.

Foreign Affairs

Listed below are the allied nations and organisations that Malpok affiliates with.


Culture and Media

Media was formerly very broad under Luke of Wellmoore's prime ministership prior to the kingdom's establishment, with a number of national news sources being established. However, these were dissolved along with the republic.

More media sites will hopefully be established in the future.

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