Kingdom of New Cambria

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Kingdom of New Cambria
Coat of arms
Motto: Fides et Libertas (Latin for "Faith and Liberty")
Anthem: I Vow to Thee, My Country
Official languagesEnglish
Demonym(s)New Cambrian
GovernmentParliamentary constitutional monarchy
• King
David II
Chamber of Peers
Chamber of Deputies
EstablishmentMarch 9th, 2020
Time zoneEST (UTC-5)/EDT (UTC-4)


The Kingdom was inspired heavily by the former British colonies of North America, especially the colony of New Albion. Due to the location of the Commonwealth in the eastern portions of the continent, the name "Alatonia" was derived from the word for "to the east", or "ʔáala-to" (the word for east with the allative case marker), in the Coast Miwok language of California, the tribe closest to where the original New Albion was located.


The Kingdom of New Cambria was founded on the 9th of March, 2020, by Andrew West and Archibald Sinclair, two citizens and politicians from the Principality of Caudonia, who decided to form a new monarchist micronation based around ideas of democracy, liberalism, and community. The Commonwealth naturally formed close ties with Daragonia, a micronation founded by two fellow Caudonians at around the same time as New Cambria.

Government and politics

New Cambria operates under the system of a parliamentary constitutional monarchy, based largely off of the government of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth countries. New Cambria's current monarch is David I (Archibald Sinclair) There is a multi-party system, with a current total of three political parties represented in the Chamber of Deputies, the Liberal Party, the Labour Party, and the Centre Party. As well as these three there is one Independent, Julian J. Haigh. Extreparliamentary parties include the Federalist party and the Humanist Party. The Commonwealth is governed by an unwritten Constitution, where the King in theory, but in practice largely stays out of political life, leaving a majority of governance to the elected Prime Minister and Chamber of Deputies. The current government is a coalition between the Liberal Party and the Labour Party. Ned Fram is the countries Prime Minister.


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Law and order

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Foreign relations

New Cambria maintains positive relations with the Commonwealth of Daragonia.


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Geography and Climate

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The economy of New Cambria is currently undeveloped.


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