Kingdom of New Wales

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Kingdom of New Wales
Coat of arms
Motto: Ad Finem Fidelis
Largest cityCaerdydd
Official languagesEnglish, Welsh
Demonym(s)New Walians
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy/Constitutional Monarchy
• Census
CurrencyPounds Sterling
Time zoneAMT (Aberystwyth Mean Time)


Early folklore

Created as a settlement under a different name, Teyrnas Cymru Newydd was first known to its populous as 'Cosy Cot'. Founded in the year of Frith, 1992 through the territorial claim and control of approximately 0.004km2; located upon highest part of a now reclaimed quarry.

During the years of uncertainty, the settlement first consisted of a small Romany caravan long since abandoned by its previous owners. In later months (and years) this came to include the use of a small tower constructed from remaining scaffolding, and a small brick house dug into the local hillside. In a dispute with the populous and outsiders, most of the iconic caravan was destroyed in the Great explosion.

Aggression and attacks toward the settlement

Later attacks resulted in the destruction of the brick house and damage to the tower. As a result of talks between the populous, the brick house was rebuilt and enlarged to reflect a greater need for cover. Many improvements were made upon the original; most notably, a waterproof soil roof.

A local news letter

An attempt at creating a news letter bearing the settlement name, had been attempted prior to the explosion; sporadically updated and published by the populous, eventually stopped through a lack of interest. Any such copies unfortunately no longer exist; following the removal and decimation of the area by outside influence.


As a result of the reclamation by outside influence, the populous scattered into various areas of the surrounding valley. Many of whom became nomadic or chose to risk establishing other nations.

Modern day history

Following the rise and fall of Cosy Cot, a collection of former citizens banded together to form what is now known as Teyrnas Cymru Newydd. Though the original declaration and formation are lost, subjects of the Crown and the current Head of State, HM Rhosyn Rah, continue to carry the hopes and dreams with them, of friends and family, both now and long departed.

The reformation

In the latter year of Frith, 2000, the Kingdom of New Wales (as it was then known) was formed along with the creation of the Crown. Stating a territorial claim for the area occupied, much less than the original 0.004km2. During this time, very little regarding the formation of state and population occurred. Between the years of Frith, 2000 and 2004, the Kingdom became little more than a radio listening post situated on the edge of Staffordshire, England.

A new declaration, an old country

Since the exodus, many documents and fragments pertaining to TCYMN have been lost. As a new declaration issued by HM Rhosyn Rah, to directly counter and create a record of both historical and future plans; Owsla Hain has been commissioned with the purpose of recording not just history and events which occur, but to also maintain the existence of any such records. Further to this effort, both new and old subjects will be asked to sign their chosen mark, as record.

Concern has been expressed by subjects, on the question of whether this mark would be indelible. A statement from the Crown has stated this mark is not indelible. All subjects are at any point able to request an alternative, with the right to have their original expunged if they so desire. The mark has also been clarified as "Any mark to which positive identification can be made, without presence of doubt or similarity".


Ad Finem Fidelis

"To the end, faithful": Our defiance of tyranny and oppression; no matter the ground nor time. We shall forever stand true, for Crown and country, to the end.

Owsla Inlé

Fellow-Owsla of Frith and of the Temple of Inlé (Owsla Inlé), created by Her Royal Majesty; not for Crown or country, but for the subjects of Her Majesty's Kingdom. They share the motto of our Royal Majesty's Crown; faithful to the end, sworn by oath to protect all subjects, of Teyrnas Cymru Newydd irrespective of race, colour, creed nor being.

Sworn by oath to;