Kingdom of Ondovia

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Ondovia (Ondovic), officially the Kingdom of Ondovia is a micronation set in Northern Europe.

The Kingdom of Ondovia became a country on 30 June 2022 and was founded by King Danny Hill.

Official Flag of Ondovia
Ceremonial Flag of Ondovia

Official Languages: German, Norwegian and English

Government: Unitary Parliamentary constitutional monarchy

Currency: Ondovic Krone

Population: 17

as of JULY 2022

GDP Per Capita: 35

as of JULY 2022


King: King Danny Hill

Queen: N/A

Prince(s): Prince Joan Alexander, Prince Raffael Hill

Princess(es): N/A

Prime Minister: William Heitel

Party in-power: Labor Party of Ondovia

The Ondovic passport is used for travelling in between micronational states.