Kingdom of Orzofelujia

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Kingdom of Orzofelujia
Lahukhat Orsefeljcaì (Orzofelujic)
Regnum Orzofelujīcus (Latin)

(27 December 2017 – Present day)
Flag of Kingdom of Orzofelujia Lahukhat Orsefeljcaì (Orzofelujic) Regnum Orzofelujīcus (Latin) (27 December 2017 – Present day)
Motto: "Etanuk ket ritkhem tylok arsu Orsefeljcaì."
"Peace and equality for the people of Orzofelujia."
LocationPennsylvania, United States
Largest cityThe Grandiose City of Pxinposkr (population-wise)
Official languagesOrsofelujic, English
Demonym(s)Felujian, Orzofelujian
GovernmentHereditary absolute monarchy
• Grand Ceremonial Emperor and Empress
HIM Grand Ceremonial Emperor of DNE I and HIM Grand Ceremonial Empress of NNA I
• Emperor-King and Empress-Queen
HIM Emperor-King J.J.S I of Orzofelujia and HIM Empress-Queen J.A.S I of Orzofelujia
• Imperial Princess
HIM Imperial Princess A.S I and Imperial Princess G.S I of Orzofelujia
• Imperial Prince
HIM Imperial Prince Z.S I of Orzofelujia
• Independence
27 December 2017
• Constitution ratified
16 September 2022
• 16 estimate
• Census
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST)
• Summer (DST)
Date formatmm/dd/yy
Driving sideright
Calling code+1

Orzofelujia (/oʊrzoʊfɛlʊdʒiə/), officially the Kingdom of Orzofelujia (Orzofelujic: Lahukhat Orsefeljcaì), and formerly the Kingdom of Feluj-Nemzet is a self-declared de facto independent nation-state without international recognition, being considered apart of the United States macronationally, therefore being a micronation in the United States that was founded by HM Emperor-King J.S I. Orzofelujia operates under a hereditary absolute monarchy, with the Emperor-King and Empress-Queen having the highest say out of all of the roles that coincide within Orzofelujia. Orzofelujia is located entirely within the Northwest U.S, in which the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania lies. Inside of its land claim, all of the territories have a humid subtropical climate, also known as Cfa[1]. It has a population of 15, all being divided by different houses where the population is chalked up, and 2 citizens being outside of the borders that Orzofelujia claims. Its largest city, however not the capital is Pxinposkr, by population and is 32 minutes away from the capital. Officially, Orzofelujia was established in 2017, under the name of the Kingdom of Volesia, sometimes now referred to as the Old Kingdom of Volesia in which Pxinposkr is actually located next to and they still claim. Orzofelujia consists of 5 landgraviates, those being Necarusam, Ursuŋoruth, Lahukman, Fijimare & Cursjpkha, Pxinposkr-Takyrimet and Volesia.


It is a mix of two Hungarian words: ország meaning country, and felújított, meaning to renew or remodel.[2]; and the Latin suffix -ia, which is used to form names of countries. Revamp was originally a longer word in Hungarian but it got shortened down to what it is now due to how the cluster of a long name (ex. Kingdom of Orzagfelujitott) can be pestering and unpleasant. Orzo was shortened due to the similar if not the same reason for Feluj, but to combine it into what would mean 'country revamp', or 'revamped country'. The reasoning behind it is because there were several different forms of what it is now, but people lost interest, or were not serious enough to kept being pursued as micronations.


Precolonial Era (1,000 BCE to 1607 CE)


The first people inside the land that the Kingdom of Orzofelujia encompasses was the Monongahela culture, which was named by Mary Butler because the Monongahela river was the one with the most cultural sites that they had to offer, most likely living along it. They practiced maize agriculture, and lived in nicely distributed villages, those of which having 50-100 structures. The Monongahela culture seems to have disappeared around the 1600s, due to the transmission of disease from the European colonizers. Their location was in Western Pennsylvania, adjoining together modern-day Ohio, Western Virginia aswell as Western Maryland. From that land, around 400 cultural sites have been discovered. The Monongahela was a late woodland period horizon, coinciding with the Mingo homeland, which makes them different to the Iroquois. Their homes originated on flood plains, but later in 1250 they'd migrated to watershed highland. Their villages were palisaded, with a central plaza within it. They tried to find a new home due to the fight over farmland due to the period of the Little Ice Age, in which crops did not prosper. They were most likely driven out by the Iroquois. In 1635, they migrated to a different tribes territory and were most likely absorbed.

Colonization era and the History of the U.S (1607 - 2017)

Colonial period

The colonization of the Americas began in the 15th to 16th century CE, which the colonies that were establish would later become the United States of America. At the time of the 1760s, the 13 colonies would reach the population of 2.5 million, most of which were settled among the Appalachian mountains. After the British defeated the French, they began taxing the 13 colonies, which was not very favored or liked within the colonies, as they opposed their argument that new taxes should have been agreed on.

Revolutionary War

The Boston Tea Party in 1773 caused the British to push out laws to end self-government. Armed warfare would begin in Massachusetts, two years following the Boston Tea Party. 1 year following that, the United States was declared within the city of Philadelphia, which city had experienced the first & second Continental Congress, aswell as the second state to ratify their constitution, following Delaware. Now following the revolt, a peace treaty was signed in 1783, with the revolution winning the war. The treaty would also define the borders of the newly established United States.

In its form as the Kingdom of Volesia (2017 - 2020)

This flag is the flag that was presented during the Volesian era of Orzofelujia, at the time that it was called the Kingdom of Volesia. This image was taken from a clip from the Volesian news on the Youtube channel.

The Orzofelújic Kingdom has ties related to its earliest form; the Kingdom of Volesia. In a later attempt to rejoin the micronational community after a long period of inactivity, a Neo-Volesian Empire was made, however the history was not true and rather made up and it was kind of more like a fantasy country than a micronational one, we must admit - and 'Matteo' isn't even the Emperor-King's name.. and the history was also made up. The original was somewhat around 2017-2018 on a and then Youtube in 2020 before it went inactive, and again, attempted to revive. Versions include Kuro-Denaku and Monlitaria. He sincerely apologizes for this. Volesia is also attested to have a flag involving the color of blue, which is further proven when going to the official channel.

'Iunae Lumen Dictatura' Era

In one of its early forms, the Moonlight Shogunate was declared. There was going to be a snowball fight in the Winter of 2021 on school grounds against another grade, specifically under the one that Emperor-King Jadon I was in at that time. Several forts of snow were created, but to no avail due to the fact that it was not allowed to throw snowballs. At that time there was a contest that the Emperor-King took part in, but shortly after that the Moonlight Shogunate was dissolved. There is another one being planned for this year as winter approaches, but it may result in the same as last year, which is yet to find out.

Commonwealth of Crepusculia (Late Summer of 2022 - Fall 2022)

This form of early Orzofelujia was planned to be the long stretched form of the nation of what is now but it fell out of recognition after school began once more. This is when a nation from the Moonlight Shogunate era began activity again; now the Banana Empire (formerly the Banana Republic), requesting an alliance, which kickstarted the creation of Orzofelujia.


Dominating most of Orzofelujia's history, it would take the form of an absolute monarchy, with the notable exceptions of the first half of Volesia, being a pseudo-constitutional monarchy[3] Today, Orzofelujia is a hereditary absolute monarchy that is joint-ruled by the Emperor-King and Empress-Queen. What defines the authority of the Emperor-Kings and Empress-Queen is by the law; and it is different than other absolute monarchies, due to the fact that the Imperial Authority is not undefined by the constitution and they still must follow it, with the risk of if not losing their Imperial title. The Imperial Authority can pass laws at any time, usually at the hands of the Emperor-King and/or Empress-Queen. The positions of the Imperial Princesses and Princes are more ceremonial-based, due to the people with the titles' speech still developing.

Structure of the Orzofelujian government

The Imperial Authority is the organization with the utmost power, with the Emperor-King and Empress-Queen being the most powerful out of all the ranks of the Imperial Authority. The Emperor-King and Empress-Queen are not allowed to change various parts of the constitution, such as the law that pertains to the Imperial Authority having to follow the law, and their role being able to be revoked if any law in that constitution is broken. They are also not allowed to change the ideological structure aswell as altering their power level, which can also have their role be revoked at the pleasure of the Emperor-King and Empress-Queen. Inspired by the Saudi Arabian government structure, the Imperial Authority is also limited by the Bible, specifically the New Testament, under the belief that the Old Testament is specifically appointed for the Israeli, and not defining for all of the other ethnicities and nationalities.

Foreign relations

Kingdom of Felúj-Nemzet recognizes all micro and macronations, with the notable exceptions of the Democratic Republic of Korea, and the People's Republic of China; recognizing South Korea with the territory that the DPRK administers and recognizing the ROC as the holder of the mainland Chinese lands, however we do not recognize their claim of Mongolia.

Orzofelujic Military

The Orzofelujic Military is based off of the army structure of the Roman Empire, following after the marian reforms, having every citizen able to be eligible for joining, unless they had broken a law more than once. While conscription is the primary source of joining, just as the Marian reforms go, we do favor volunteering army soldiers. The legions are divided up into only 2 different units the Antecessum, meaning to advance into, and the Ponere, meaning to defend, or maintain, which any person in the army can join. Due to the small population of 14, a small military is hosted. Originally, there would have been more, but it would not have been logical for it to be that way due to the population.

Culture and media

The culture is influenced by mainly Italian culture aswell as African-American culture, with the most popular dishes being pizza, lasagna, spaghetti, rigatoni, chicken wings, and more. Other notable dishes are hoagies and hamburgers, however not as popular as the ones that were previously mentioned. The official and most spoken languages are English, and while there is a secondary official language; Orzofelujic, is still in the early stages of development and most likely won't be done for a long time. There is not yet a newspaper for Orzofelujia, but it plans to be covered in the Orzofelujic language and the English language and run by Emperor-King Jadon I. The main religion is the denomination of Christianity, protestantism, but there is one member who is unaffiliated, who's name will not be given, unless they consent to having it on here.


According to the Köppen climate classification, the mainland has a humid subtropical climate, because for the most part all of the mainland is within the same county, with the notable exception of the Landgraviate of Necarusam, which is 52 minutes from the other Orzofelujian territory. Orzofelujia has 4 landgraviates, those being The Landgraviate of Necarusam, The Landgraviate of Lahukman, Fijimare and Cursjpkha, The Landgraviate of Ursuŋoruth, and the Landgraviate of Pxinposkr-Takyrimet. The most populous out of these would be the Necarusam landgraviate, holding 6 people. It should also be noted that the HM J.S I of Pxinposkr and Takyrimet and HM Empress-Queen of Orzofelujia, J.S I are different than HM, Emperor of Orzofelujia and King of Ludafelujica, J.S I.


Flag Landgraviate Code Capital Pop. Landgrave
Flag of Necarusam.png Landgraviate of
NC Necaruba 6 A. I
Landgrave of Necarusam
Flag of Ursuŋoruth.png Landgraviate of
USNR Khreyakitum 2 HM Grand-Empress NNA I of Orzofelujia
Landgrave of Ursuŋoruth
Flag of Lahukman.png Landgraviate of
Lahukman, Fijimare & Cursjpkha
LHM, FJM & CRJA Cursjpkha 2 HM, Emperor of Orzofelujia and King of Ludafelujica, J.S I and HM Empress-Queen of Orzofelujia, J.S
Landgraves of Lahukman, Fijimare and Cursjpkha
FlagofPxinposkrSecondForm.png Landgraviate of
PXP-TKRM Pxinposkr 6 HM Landgrave J.S I of Pxinposkr and Takyrimet and HM Landgrave D.L I of Pxinposkr and Takyrimet
Landgrave of Pxinposkr and Takyrimet
NoFlag.svg Former Kingdom and now Landgraviate of
VLS N/A 0 HM Imperial Prince and Princesses Z.S, G.S, and A.S of Orzofelujia
Landgrave of Old Volesia

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