Kingdom of Qitzitawka

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The Kingdom of Qitzitawka, also sometimes known as the Republic or Dominion of Qitzitawka, is an island Micronation in North America. It was founded in an unknown year.


Qitzitawka was founded by Emperor Shrek I, [his actual name], in an unknown year which had its date lost after the Burning of Pigiztan. What Qitzitawka's current residents do know is that it was originally named The Grand Republic of Pigiztan.

Pigiztan Era ????-April 2021

Qitzitawka was founded under a name presumed to be Pigiztan originally. Pigiztan had a population of only one Citizen, who saved it from annexation, but not from being destroyed. Pigiztan was destroyed after its neighboring nation, Pawland, sent troops to annex it. The Pawish destroyed 2 military bases, and one historical landmark, the Flag Grave. Pigiztan did, however, win the war. Pawland waged yet another war one month later, and lost again. Pawland fell the next day.

East Greenlandic Era April-June 2021

On April 20th, 2021, Pigiztani officials discovered a set of documents crowning the President of Pigiztan, Emperor Shrek, King of Erik the Red's land, also known by some as East Greenland. East Greenland existed until June 2021, and waged several wars with. the European League of Micronations.

Dominion Era June-July 2021

East Greenland reformed in early June 2021 to a nation known as the Dominion of North America. The Dominion was a very controversial state, waging even more wars with the European League of Micronations. On its last days, the Dominion Reformed into Qitzitawka, and became the nation which it is today.

Qitzitawka Imperial era 19XX-Present

On January 6, 19XX, Qitzitawka gained independence from Fopeyi, and became the nation it is today! Long Live Qitzitawka! Qitzitawka has one colony in the US, known as the Cobra States.

Royal Family

Qitzitawka has a royal family, with Emperor M. Bison being the current king. the heir to the Qitzitawkan throne is kept unknown throughout their entire life before they become monarch.


Qitzitawka has a reasonably sized military, consisting of an Army, a Navy, an Air Force, and a Coast Guard.

Foreign Relations

Qitzitawka maintains foreign relations with several other countries, those being Sokovia, Genosha, Latveria, Memeania, Wakanda, Sanctimonia, Chiptopia, and Eggomotania.


The National Flag of Qitzitawka
National Flag of Qitzitawka