Kingdom of Roscommon

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Kingdom of Roscommon
Coat of arms
Motto: gather round thy holy well
CapitalRoscommon Town
Largest cityAthlone
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentSemi-Constitutional Monarchy
• Monarch
Samuel I
• Monarch and Prime Minister
Samuel I plus (unelected PM)
Establishment6th of May 2019
• Census
Time zoneGMT+0, (Daylight savings GMT+1)
Member of the OAM



The Kingdom of Roscommon was founded after the collapse of the Kingdom of Connaught. It was founded on 06/05/19 by King King Samuel I

Ancient History

The geographical centre of the Republic of Ireland is located in Roscommon and the inland county has played a pivotal role in Irish history. Its name is derived from 'Ros', a wooded, gentle height, and 'Comán' who was a bishop and saint noted for establishing a monastery in the county.

The north of the county was part of the Moylurg kingdom that covered an area of north-east connacht and was ruled by the MacDermot clan until 1585. Meanwhile the south of the county formed part of the territory of Uí Máine, which was ruled by the O'Kellys from the 8th century until the end of the medieval era.


Dermot Earley - GAA star and Army Officer Percy French - Songwriter and entertainer Dr Douglas Hyde - First President of Ireland John McGahern - Author of 'Amongst Women' Maureen O'Sullivan - 'Ireland's first film star' Sir William Wilde - Renowned surgeon

Places to go

Rath Cruachán - Archaeological site dating back to Celtic times Sean's Bar, Athlone - The oldest pub in Ireland and Europe Strokestown Park House and Famine Museum - Landlords estate house before, during and after the Great Famine

Diplomatic Relations

Roscommon is part of many micronational organizations including Organisation of Active Micronations (2019) Role: Member State, United European Micronations Role: Founder and Citizenship Alliance role: Founder. Roscommon has applied to join GUM but was rejected because of false claims that roscommon broke the Wrythe Convention and has also applied to join the Micronational Olympic Federation but has not received a response.

The Kingdom of Roscommon recognises the following micronations,

1: All members of the 3 micronational organisations that Roscommon is a part of

2: Saor Èire

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