Kingdom of Sofidelonia

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Never Give Up
Sofidelonia, Always Be Strong!
Official languagesIndonesian, English
Recognised national languagesBeroni (official)
Demonym(s)Beroni (Informal) Sofidelonian (Formal)
• King
King Jeremy I
• Prince
Lord John Hermalo
• Prince
Lord Alvin
Sir William Serman
• Nobleman
Joshua Gerant Tambunan
• Duke
Michael Oxson
Independence from Republic of Indonesia
• Independence date
14 November 2019
• Total
3.480 sq mi (9.01 km2)
• Water (%)
• Estimate
CurrencyElarnio Dollar (de jure)
Rupiah (de facto)
Time zoneGMT +7
Driving sideright
Calling code+62
  1. King Jeremy Number Phone : +62 822-1316-2100
  2. The most favorite food at Sofidelonia is Le Bur'to (Sofidelonia Lasagna)
  3. Sofidelonia has 2 fancy appetizers that cost 14 Elarnio Dollars

The Confederation of the Kingdom of Sofidelonia, or simply Sofidelonia, is a confederation formed up of a variety kingdoms and kingdoms linked by a common purpose. Sofidelonia is a vast kingdom, with both the capital city of Ramdon functioning as the greatest city inside the kingdom. The administration of Sofidelonia must protect it from battles such as the Mega tropic war, which is the largest war Sofidelonia has ever seen. The Tesariktusional Kingdom, headed by Queen Turdin I and King Betani VI, has an ally in Emperor Kevin, who is noted for being extremely helpful to many kingdoms, including the kingdom of Sofidelonia.


History of the King and Emperor of Sofidelonia

Over time, the Sofidelonian people have struggled to keep their kingdom hidden. Finally, starting with Emperor Nikolai I's dominion over the kingdom of Sofidelonia and continuing to this day, Sofidelonia is now an open monarchy for all. The eastern colonial powers, particularly Bariktas, nearly devastated this kingdom, which is now demolished thanks to the assistance of numerous ally countries. After the death of Emperor Nikolai I, a new king, Emperor Nikolai 2, was born. After the emperor died, a new monarch, emperor Jeremy, was born. The new monarch was only known as King Jeremy since he did not wish to divulge his secrets.


Sofidelonia is Indonesia's most powerful kingdom, controlling the largest portion of Jakarta in the country. Sofidelonia defeated many kingdoms, including the Olora Kingdom in the east, the Vetlas Kingdom in the north, and the Merdaniatiunal Kingdom in the north. Sofidelonia also aided countries like the APPLE state, which defeated K.E.B.A.B 7 times in a row, though APPLE was eventually defeated and its inhabitants fled to Sofidelonia.



General is the highest rank that can be achieved by a career-high officer in the Army. This rank is one level above Lieutenant General and is a 4 star. This rank is equivalent to the Admiral in the Navy and the Marshal in the Air Force.

1. Danice (4 Star)

General Danice is a 4-star general who is also the King of the Kingdom of Ovelginia. He also sacrificed in so many wars, as he sacrificed to save General Nico (star 2), who is now retired.

2. Marcello (4 Star)

General Marcello does not have too much history, but he once set fire to an enemy kingdom in the East who fired a heat-targeting missile at APPLE while helping K.E.B.A.B


The Colonel is the rank of the highest secondary officer, one level above the Lieutenant Colonel and one level below the Brigadier General. In Indonesian police, the rank equivalent to this level is called the Chief Commissioner of the Police. In Indonesia, this rank is used within the Indonesian National Army.

1. Joshua

Colonel Joshua is in charge of managing the peace of the people in the North and South, especially when there are low-level (not rioting) demonstrations.

2. Daniel

Colonel Daniel is in charge of managing the peace of the people in the East and West, especially when there are low-level (not rioting) demonstrations.

The Dictator

Matthew used to be the King of KEBAB, whereas Matthew is now the King of Cutlavania. Then a battle broke out in KEBAB. Matthew, who wanted to win by himself, fought Evan and Abe. I resigned and founded the kingdom of Sofidelonia as a result of his greed. The APPLE and Sofidelonia countries then formed a partnership to crush KEBAB. KEBAB was eventually demolished seven times, and APPLE was tragically destroyed as well, with its people being relocated to Sofidelonia since it was safe. KEBAB, who had already been annihilated, established Dekalitagon as a new empire. Sofidelonia advocated for peace, while Dekalitagon insisted on war and insulted Ruler Sofidelonia as an ill king, therefore the two countries were at odds.

Out Country Relations

Sofidelonia is currently in the Association of Indonesian Micronations member states organization in which it is the member state of Indonesia Micronation.

Allied Sofidelonia


APPLE was once a country that was destroyed by K.E.B.A.B after successfully attacking K.E.B.A.B 7 times with the help of Sofidelonia. Now APPLE is still under construction to rebuild its country and return to glory forever.


Makedolonia is a country in the North that is an ally of APPLE and participates in helping APPLE rebuild its country. Mekadolonia was also an ally of Sofidelonia and together they protected their Kingdom from threats.

Enemies of Sofidelonia


Cilivago is a cowboy country that still preserves its culture. Cilivago and Sofidelonia are currently at war. The Belistime project has been canceled, which was a secret project known only to Cilivago and Sofidelonia.

Request For Settlement From Dekalitagon

Finally, after all this time, Dekalitagon requested peace with Sofidelonia and acknowledged her defeat (the defeat of Dekalitagon). Sofidelonia was happy to accept the peace request, and Sofidelonia and Dekalitagon were still at peace until now.

Secret Country

So far, Sofidelonia has 2 secret states that are only known by a few people. Sofidelonia has made an agreement that will help each other with the secret countries so that together they can become a strong and victorious country. Sofidelonia with these secret countries is making a new order to create a new empire.

Minecraft SMP Economy by Kingdom Of Sofidelonia

SofiCraft Economy :

IP Address :

Port : 25560 (For Bedrock Players)

Version : 1.7 - 1.17.1

Device : Java / Bedrock

Type : Paper MC

Uptime : 99%

Rules :

1. No Cheating

2. No Hacking

Vote Server :

Commands :

/wild = random teleport to play

/bank = store your money (and get interest)

/sethome = set your home

/home = teleport to the place where you do /sethome

/shop = buy and sell items

/tpa = ask to teleport to player

/tpahere = ask player to teleport to you

/tpaccept = accept player /tpa or /tpahere

/tpdeny = deny player /tpa or /tpahere

/msg = message player

Discord :