Kingdom of Subejo

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Kingdom of Subejo
Flag of Kingdom of Subejo
Coat of arms of Kingdom of Subejo
Coat of arms
CapitalBandar Diraja
GovernmentFederal constitutional monarchy (de jure)
Absolute monarchy under a dictatorship (de facto)[a]
• 1945–1989
Raja Sasuke (first and last)
Historical eraPost-war
15 August 1945
• Raja Sasuke installation
12 September 1945
• Death of Raja Sasuke
18 March 1989
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Japanese occupation of Subejo
British Military Administration
Provisional Government of Subejo
Today part ofDemocratic Republic of Subejia

Kingdom of Subejo was the re-establishment by Raja Sasuke on 1955. He was elected because of his kindness. Raja Sasuke died on 18 March 1989 and his son doesn't want to take his father's take his throne.


After World War II ended, Raja Sasuke re-established Subejo as Kingdom of Subejo. He also has the appreciation from his people. He take cared Subejia for 34 years. Later, he died on 18 March 1989.

Disputed between British Military Administration

After World War II ended, the Federation of Subejo shall be administered by the British Malaya. Raja Sasuke, who was the army for Empire of Japan, disputed that the British wanted to control Subejo as Subejo was a "part of" the British Malaya.

Disputed over formation of Malayan Union

Raja Sasuke disputed that Malayan Union didn't have rights to the Malays. Thus, the United Malays National Organisation or UMNO, a Malay political association formed by Dato' Onn bin Ja'afar on 10 May 1946, led the opposition against the Malayan Union.

Disputed over Indonesia confrontation and communist insurgency

During the confrontation between Indonesia and Malaysia, Raja Sasuke disputed that Sukarno, former President of Indonesia, wanted to invade Borneo while Borneo was formerly controlled by the British North Borneo, Raj of Sarawak and the Dutch East Indies.[b]

During the Malayan Emergency and the second communist insurgency, Raja Sasuke disputed that the communist party that existed in Malaysia, Malayan Communist Party, has "going too crazy" as the Kingdom of Subejo is an anti-communism. He said that the insurgency is like 13 May incident.[c]

Death of Raja Sasuke

Raja Sasuke died on 18 March 1989 and his son doesn't want to became King of Subejo. After that, some of the government was annexed by Malaysia and some of was changed into provisional government.


  1. This is allegedly confirm as Raja Sasuke had a conflict between Anggalan (which is a parody of the British Malaya).
  2. Dutch East Indies was formerly controlled Indonesia and both Great Britain and Dutch East Indies signed treaties.
  3. This is allegedly confirm as 13 May incident was took place in Kuala Lumpur on 1969, which was near the Kingdom of Subejo.