Kingdom of Teweria

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Kingdom of Teweria
Official names:
  • Tewerskae kapistarstwo (New Teverian)
  • Теверийское королевство
    Teveriyskoye korolievstvo (Russian)
  • Краљевина Теверија
    Kraljevina Teverija (Serbian)
  • Кралство Теверия
    Kralstvo Teverija (Bulgarian)
  • Regatul Tiberiadei (Vlach Romanian)
Coat of arms
Motto: n/a
Anthem: „Песма о Литовој истине“
„Pesma o Litowoj istine“
"Song to Lito of truth"
Moscow Oblast, Russia w:Russia
Zaječar, Serbia w:Serbia
Largest cityDworskaj Gorst
Official languagesNew Teverian
Vlach Romanian
GovernmentDual elective monarchy
• King
Lito I
Vitold Chaban
LegislatureState Assembly of Teveria
Establishment13 May 2016 (as Daugavpivia)
19 June 2021 (as Teveria)
• Census
Currency(de facto) Ruble (RUB)
(de facto) Dinar (RSD)
(de jure) Liva (TWL)
Time zoneCET (UTC+01:00)
CEST (UTC+02:00, DST)
Internet TLD(de facto) .ru
(de facto) .rs
(de jure) none
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Republic of Teweria

The Kingdom of Teweria, previously known as the Tewerian Prinipality, was a micronation located in Eastern Europe.


Tewerian Principality

The former micronation of Daugavpivia was renamed to Teweria on 19 June 2021. On 28 July of the same year, Prince Lito I, who had ascended on the throne on 13 May 2021, on the fifth anniversary of Daugavpivia's establishment, abdicated the throne and Dmitry Sadovnikov was elected his successor.

Kingdom of Teweria

On 3 July 2022, Lito I ascended back to the throne as the King of Teweria (New Tewerian: kapiſtar). Vitold Chaban was elected Prime Minister of Teweria. The Kingdom was disestablished on 3 August 2022, following a referendum by the king himself.

Internal organisation

According to the Basic Code, Teweria is a decentralized electoral dualistic monarchy, where the power is fully organized by the King, elected for a term established by law by the State Chancellery.

The State Chancellery, in fact, performs the functions of the government. Its head is the Chancellor, chosen by the legislature for the duration of its convocation. Legislative power is exercised

Legislative power is exercised by the State Assembly of the Kingdom of Teweria, which is unicameral and is elected every month.