Kingdom of Tuceria

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Kingdom of Tuceria
Koninkrijk Tucerië (Dutch)
23 February 2023
Motto: "Tu es tuccer vel non es"
"You're a tuccer, or you aren't"
Anthem: "Tukker voor het leven"
English: Tuccer for live
LocationEnschede, Netherlands
LargestEnschede (parts of)
Official languagesDutch, Twents.
Recognised national languagesDutch
Recognised regional languagesTwents
Ethnic groups
  • 100% European, Dutch
  • 100% Not researched
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
• Monarch
Mats I
• President
Mats I
LegislatureState General
House of Representatives
• Declaring of UTST as an Republic
23 February 2023
• Declaring as a kingdom
25 February 2023
• Established
23 February 2023
• Total
22 km2 (8.5 sq mi), Not counted yet, estimation.
• Estimate
Time zone+1
• Summer (DST)
UTC+2 (+1 XDT)
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+31
Preceded by
United tiktok states of Tuceria

The Kingdom of Tuceria (/tukrɑː/), more commonly known as Tuceria, is a micronation in The Netherlands, more specifically in the region Twente. The nation was started by Mats I, the king and president at this moment, on 23 December 2022. It started as a republic on TikTok, the United tiktok states of Tuceria, and later it became a republic on 23 February 2023 and a kingdom on 25 February 2023. Tuceria has five subdivisions, all of which have a town hall. The nation was founded on TikTok, but has created an offline presence too.

The nation has only one political party so far, however new citizens are typically invited to start new ones. The government consists of a state general, which is divided into two parts, the Senate and House of Representatives.

The nation is young and trying to find a coalition. It has only one nation recognizing it, the friendly nation of Glanebrug.


The name Tuceria comes from the Dutch word for people from the region twente, 'tukkers'. The English version ('tuccer') is the origin for the name Tuceria.


The nation was formed as an TikTok nation (UTST). After two months of making TikToks about this nation (23 December 2022 – 23 February 2023), Mats I declared it as an republic and two days later as an kingdom in real life.

Politics and government

When Mats I declared independence in real life on 23 February 2023, he made himself president. Two days later he decided that Tuceria should be a kingdom, with himself as king, and the title of president would be decided through voting.

State General

The state general is the Senate combined with the House of Represantatives, composing the entire government. Every two years there are elections for the State general (for both the Senate and House of Representatives).


The upper house of Tuceria is lead by Mats I and includes all six members of Tuceria. When there are more, citizens will elect the Senate. The senate controls which laws will be implemented. The senate consists of 6 members.

House of representatives

The lower house of Tuceria makes laws. Due to the lack of members, this lower house consists only of Mats I until more members come.

Early government

The government of the UTST was ruled by Mats I. It was de jure an republic, but with an government only consisting of himself, it was de facto an dictatorship.

King and president

Mats I is the king and the president. He will be king until he dies or when Tuceria falls, and he will be president as long as nobody starts their own party and wins a majority in the State General.

Political parties

There is just one political party. Everyone member of Tuceria is free to create a party, although only the one has been created to this point. The party of LPP (Left People's Party) stands for the independence of Tuceria and for the environment of the earth. It has unanimous support, because there is no other party yet.

*= should be more, but it is de facto now.

Logo Name Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies House of


Senate State general When founded
Left Peoples Party LPP Mats I Left wing Democracy, monarchy
1 / 1
7 / 7
6 / 6
24 February 2023

Law and order

As The Netherlands doesnt recognize Tuceria, like most of the important things of countries, the law and order are organized by The Netherlands. The Dutch police and Judges rule in Tuceria, so most of the Tucerian laws cant be executed yet. But, Tuceria still has an Constitution and laws. When Tuceria gets more members, it is planned that it will get its own police and judges, maybe even its own internet TLD.


Tuceria has not raised an army yet. The only border is with The Netherlands, which recognizes Tucerian land as their own, so theyll defend it. Tuceria has plans to recruit some soldiers when they have more members.


Because the lag of members, Tuceria has only one ministry yet, but there are plans for more.

Ministry of National organization

This ministry is in charge of all things that happen in Tuceria, so the minister is the President, Mats I. If there are more members, there are plans to make more ministries.

Administrative regions

Tuceria is divided into five provinces.

Red: town halls. Green: buildings.
Flag Name Area Population Officials town hall city Province code

Capital District 3 km2 (estimation) 1770 Yet to be chosen Lonneker CD
2 Central 6 km2 (estimation) 1300 Yet to be chosen Enschede CT
3 East Enschede 4 km2 (Estimation) 7200 Yet to be chosen Enschede EE
4 West Enschede 5 km2 (estimation) 10280 Yet to be chosen Enschede WE
5 North 4 km2 (estimation) 450 Yet to be chosen Enschede NT

All provinces have a town hall and inhabitants, but because the lack of members there are no officials yet.

Foreign relations

Because the country of Tuceria doesnt exist long, it hasnt tried to make relations yet. It only recognizes countries, no country recognizes Tuceria.

Unilateral recognition

Mutual recognition

Recognition refused


Formerly recognized

Geography and climate

More detailed page: Climate of Tuceria
The climate table of Enschede:

Climate data for Enschede [1]
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Daily mean °C (°F) 2.8
Average Precipitation mm (inches) 70.8
[citation needed]
The Rijksmuseum Twenthe, in the far south of Tuceria.
Landscape in the unbuilt area's of Tuceria.

Tuceria has an moderate climate, with moderate rain. Tuceria has an average height of fourty-two meters (hunderd and thirty-eight feet).


Tuceria exports pork, beef and vegtables.[2] Also, Tuceria sells a lot fish to (mostly) German people. If you are Tucerian, you can buy anything Dutch and vice versa.


Tuceria uses the Euro as currency, just like The Netherlands. Tuceria doesnt have an state bank, but it uses mostly Dutch Euro's. Tuceria doesnt have his own Euro yet, because it is not an official member of the European Union (yet).

Tuceria uses Euro's. (For the banknotes: left banknotes are now in use, right are the first euro banknotes.



Most of the culture is Dutch. Holidays like Sinterklaas are also in the Tucerian culture. But, most of the christian holidays are removed.


Tucerian people have free days on these days: (excluding vacations)

Date Name Remarks
1 January New years day (Nieuwjaarsdag) Celebrating a new year
21 March Springday (Lentedag) Begin of the spring
27 April Kingsday (Koningsdag) Celebrating the birthday of Willem alexander from The Netherlands and the birthday of Mats I
5 May Liberation day (Bevrijdingsdag) Day that The Netherlands was freed from Germany in WWII.
21 June Summerday (Zomerdag) Begin of the summer
31 October Halloween Creepy day
5 December Saint Nicolaas (Sinterklaas) Celebrating the birthday of Saint nicolaas (with presents for kids).
25 and 26 December Christmas (Kerst) Celebrating jezus' birth .
31 December Old years day (oudejaarsdag) Celebrating the last day of the year

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