Kingdom of Ud Mahazar

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Kingdom of Ud Mahazar

(Uwrnov) Yurjan ezn ud Mahazar

Flag Coat of arms

Map of Ud Mahazar (light green) within the Uzeishan Commonwealth (light green and dark green)
National Anthem:
Nick names:
The land of red soil
Capital Bzuodemen

Official languages English

Demonym Ud Mahazarian, Mazarian, Ud Mahazari (informally)

Government Monarchy
King Zarniq Hutanev

– Foundation of the nation 13 June 2009
– Joined the Uzeishan Commonwealth 23 January 2010

Area claimed 2.013 km²

– Citizens 6
– Residence Unknown

Currency Ud Mahazarian Quez (qz)

Time zone UTC

Country code UMA

Internet TDL None

Drives on the Left

Date formats Gregorian calendar

This micronation is a member state of the Uzeishan Commonwealth

The Kingdom of Ud Mahazar (Uwrnov: , Yurjan ezn ud Mahazar) is a micronation located partially inside the Baltian Sector. It borders Cheslovia to the south and the UK to the north, east and west. The nation's name "Ud Mahazar" literally means "border lands" in the Uwrnov language.


Ud Mahazar was unexpectedly created on 13 June 2009, at the time of the Northern Baltia Debate Ud Mahazar had not been put forward as an idea, however only 3% of the nation actually lies in Baltian sector.


The nation is almost completely flat with no rivers flowing through it, the nation has approximately 3% of its territory located inside Northern Baltia, inside the Arsen Fields. The Tallimaa River runs along the southern border of the nation.


The government is headed by a king, who has appointed three Royal Assistants/Surveyor. The nation has a main territory, which is surrounded by Colonies, the each Colony is controlled by a member of the Ud Mahazar government:

  • Taak Ile - The largest colony, controlled by the Ud Mahazar Army Assistor, Jezh Ionemsk
  • Arja - The only territory located inside Baltia, controlled by the Ud Mahazar Economy Surveyor, Uezir Dalmaqov
  • Nnii - Controlled by King Zarniq Hutanev
  • Uur' - Controlled by K'hanos Vasyem, Assistor of Health and Education

The main nation is divided into Provinces and they are directly collectively controlled by the government of Ud Mahazar.


Ud Mahazar joined the Baltian Economic Cooperation Agreement on the same day it was founded, this allowed them to initiate their currency, the "Quez", which is based entirely on Quartz. Unlike most micronational currencies, the nations does not have any banknotes, coins or a currency subunit, instead, the people trade in pieces of Quartz, which are supplied from a Cheslovian company called Kazkom, which supplies Ud Mahazar with Quartz pieces in exchange for Oubels (two citizens of Ud Mahazar are still citizens of Cheslovia), because of this, Ud Mahazar is seen as an important trading partner for Cheslovia, and subsequently Malokaz (because of Malokaznian membership in the BECA).


The Ud Mahazar Army has brought a number of Splinter Rifles from Cheslovia. Currently, they have avoided membership in the BCSA

Foreign relations

Ud Mahazar currently recognises two micronations:

Ud Mahazar have stated that once their webpage has been completed they will begin their own relations.

Relations with Terteria

The Mahazarian government has been heard saying that they hope to have a special relationship with the Terter Republic, of Cheslovia, saying that "Terteria has an honourable ethnicity [Irish]", the leader of Ud Mahazar also has Irish ancestry. Ud Mahazar has thus proposed that Bzuodemen Province be twinned with Terteria, similarly to the relationships between Kaniv and Musorov in their sister city status.