Kingdom of Valeria

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The Kingdom of Valeria
[[File:Flag of Valeria Flag of Valeria|125px|border|Flag of Kingdom of Valeria]]
[[File:Valerian Coat of Arms Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Valeria.png
|85px|Coat of arms of Kingdom of Valeria]]
Coat of arms
Motto: "Facta, non verba." "Deeds, not words."
Anthem: I Vow to Thee My Country
North America
Official languagesEnglish, Latin, Valerian
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• King
Neil Murphy II
LegislatureValerian State Assembly
EstablishmentAugust 9th, 2018
• Census
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
Time zoneEastern Time Zone
Website T.B.D.
Member of the OAM

The Kingdom of Valeria is a micronation that was established August 9, 2018 in DuPont, Pennsylvania by King Neil Murphy II. Valeria is a country that prides itself on its progressive values as well as its fundamental goal of promoting philanthropy in the world. Citizens of Valeria are able to enjoy opportunities to express and promote themselves in an egalitarian, materialistic and xenophilic society.


The country's name "Valeria" comes from the Greek root word "Vale" which means strength and worth, as well as the Latin name "Valeria" which means strength.


The history of the Kingdom of Valeria is one that so far isn't quite as extensive as other micronations. It was founded August 9, 2018 by its current leader, Neil Murphy II. It can be summed up in three distinct periods: The Declaration of Independence, The Valerian Insurrection, and Reconstruction.

Declaration of Independence

Banner of the Republic

Despite establishing a ruling body and writing the country's Constitution and Bill of Rights, Valeria was not yet organized enough to be a nation. Valeria was more comparable to a colony rather than a country. Under the leadership of the former "Council of Five', much nation building needed to be done, but wasn't due to the council's ineffectiveness at organizing properly. Valeria was essentially lawless. Surprisingly for a republic, this lead to a lot of dissent not only among the citizens, but among the council as well.

The Valerian Insurrection

Flag of the Insurrectionist Movement

With tons of dissent among the populace, Valeria became very unstable. Many Valerians thought that the country was going to collapse quite quickly and felt as though change should be sought immediately. One of the council members, Neil Murphy, stepped down from his position to lead a citizen revolt against the status quo. Weeks of advocating for reform took place, meetings were held to draft new a new constitution and plans to build the nation were underway. During this time, the Valerian Council tried silencing the revolt by threatening to revoke citizenship towards the rebellion and banning them from the community, but this lead to a stronger rebel persistence for change.

On November 15th, 2019, the Valerian Council stepped down from power and handed it to the insurrectionists. Neil Murphy ended up taking power, and with help from the citizens, formed the Valerian Empire. This day, known as "Reclamation Day", is recognized as a national holiday throughout the entire nation. The 4 members of the High Council were later pardoned by the new government and reintegrated back into the community.


Portrait's Publishing T.D.D.

With the rebellion over, there was much work to be done.The insurrectionists set up a "mini-government" during the reconstruction period. They initially installed the new Valerian Constitution and established the precedent for the nation going forward. This lead to establishing a unique national identity. The country going forth be centered around three main principles: egalitarianism, materialism, as well as xenophilia. The New Valeria was structured to never make the same mistakes as the Old Republic once did.

Reconstruction lasted for roughly an entire month. During this time frame, more legislation was written pertaining to civil and constitutional law, the foundations for federal departments, and even federal services for citizens to take advantage of. With the foundations set, the new Valeria was ready to step foot on the micronational stage. On December 1, 2018 Neil Murphy II was crowned King of Valeria unanimously within the newly formed insurrectionist government. The King quickly went to work once crowned. Many tasks were accomplished, such as establishing the new Bill of Rights, the new Constitution of the Kingdom, the establishment of the new governmental bodies, and more.


The Culture of Valeria is mostly made up of Western European cultures and partially made up of Eastern European cultures. The dominant culture of Valeria is Irish, English, French, Italian, and Polish. Though there is a majority of European cultures within Valeria, the country promotes the idea of multiculturalism throughout the realm for current citizens, prospective citizens, as well as tourists.


Date Name Purpose
January 1 New Year's Day Celebrates the incoming year.
January 19 World Religion Day Celebrates all religions of the world.
February 13 Parentalia Celebrating and honoring the lives of our citizens and their family's ancestors.
March 17 St. Patrick's Day Celebrating the common holiday of the traditional death of Saint Patrick.
Easter Sunday (April) Easter Celebrating the Christian Holiday of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
April 29 Cancer Awareness Day A day to remember those who are fighting cancer or those who have passed from the disease. It is normal to dress in purple.
August 9 Valerian Independence Day Celebrates the establishment of the Valerian Micronation.
October 6 Mental Health Awareness Day A day dedicated to raising awareness about mental health issues around the world and mobilizing efforts in support of mental health.
November 15 Reclamation Day Celebrates the end of hostilities from the Valerian Civil War
December 1 Pubifugium "Flight of the Republic" Celebrated in honor of the expulsion of the corrupt republic and the founding of the noble kingdom.
December 25 Christmas Day Celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ.

Government and Politics

The Empire of Valeria is a constitutional monarchy. The government is ruled by His Majesty (HIM), King Neil Murphy II. The King instituted the Valerian State Assembly to allow citizens to be elected and voice their opinions on behalf of the people they represent. With the Valerian State Assembly, there is also the Imperial Ministry, which acts as an advisory body to the monarch on any subject he/she may require relating to the duties of each member’s respective office.

Head of State

The King/Queen is the Head of State of the Kingdom of Valeria. The Head of State appoints the members of Imperial Ministry and can dismiss them at any time. The monarch proposes legislation and must sign all laws before they go into effect. He/She is also responsible for the armed forces, disbanding the legislature, undergoes diplomatic visits (whether foreign or domestic visits), etc. The crown's line of succession is hereditary. If the house that has the crown does not have an heir, then the Valerian State Assembly votes for a new King/Queen to take the crown. The king/queen resides in the Royal Residence in the capital city of Latium.

Imperial Ministry

The members of the Imperial Ministry are appointed and removed by the Head of State. The citizens typically nominate their candidates through petitioning and then their choice is either approved or rejected by the Head of State. They report directly to the reigning monarch to report their updates.

The current ministries the Empire has are:

  • Ministry of Defense
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • Ministry of Justice

Valerian State Assembly

The Valerian State Assembly is the representative assembly of the citizens of Valeria. The State Assembly functions as an advisory body to the Head of State, primarily by presenting petitions proposed by the assembly or the people they represent, and consulting on policies, such as fiscal, foreign, and domestic policy. There are currently 10 assembly seats that are voted on by citizens every two years. There are three dominant political parties that make up the Valerian State Assembly: The Democrats, the Conservatives, and the Independents. In order to run for an assembly seat, one must petition to the citizens of Valeria and acquire five signatures. Once the signatures are obtained and approved, you will be on the election ticket.

Political Parties

Party Logo Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies State Assembly Seats
Democrat Dem. ValerianDemologo.png Lucas Miller Centre-Left Social Liberalism
5 / 10
Conservative Con. ValerianConservativeLogo.png Eli Torres Centre-Right Conservatism
2 / 10
Independent Ind. ValerianIndependentLogo.png Lauren Phillips Centre Libertarian
3 / 10

Foreign relations

Recognized states; no foreign relations

Full foreign relations

Single-state recognition by Valeria; no foreign relations


The Department of Defense (D.o.D.) was created to provide a military style structure for those interested in serving in a micronation's military branch. The Kingdom of Valeria does not and will not recognize micronational war and will not provide aid, support, or participate in wars for any reason whatsoever. There are three branches that make up the Valerian Armed Forces: the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force.

If the Kingdom of Valeria were to actually possess an active military force, the military's mission would be to fight and win our Nation’s wars by providing prompt, sustained land, air, and sea dominance across the full range of military operations and spectrum of conflict in support of combatant commanders. We would do this by:

  • Organizing, equipping, and training forces for the conduct of prompt and sustained combat operations on land.
  • Accomplishing missions assigned by the His/Her Majesty the King/Queen of Valeria, the Minister of Defense and military division commanders.
  • Fulfilling a broad role that encompasses everything from combat to peacekeeping to humanitarian assistance.

List of Monarchs

Image Name Born Became Monarch Ceased to be Monarch Relation to previous Monarch House Personal emblem
Flag of Valeria.png
Neil Murphy II May 29, 1998 December 1, 2018 Still Reigning Established the Throne Murphy