Kingdom of Wirasena

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Kingdom of Wirasena
Kerajaan Wirasena
Motto: Negeri bagi Seorang Pemimpi
Nation of a Dreamer
Anthem: Wirasena
StatusIndependent micronation (2012-2013)
Dependency of Arkapore (2014)
LocationKarawang, Indonesia
CapitalKota Wirasena
Largest cityAstana Raya
Official languagesBahasa Indonesia
Recognised regional languagesSundanese
Ethnic groups
Sundanese (100%)
Islam (100%)
GovernmentUnitary Absolute monarchy under Arkaporean dependency
• Chief Representative
Tian Abdurrahman
• Head of government
Wirasena I
LegislatureRoyal Council
• Established
10 September 2012
• Unification to Indokistan
18 March 2013
• Restoration of independence
January 2014
• Dependent territory of Arkapore
February 2014
• 2014 estimate
CurrencyIndonesian Rupiah (IDR)
Time zoneUTC+7 (UTC)
Driving sideleft
Calling code+62

Kingdom of Wirasena (Indonesian: Kerajaan Wirasena) was an Indonesian micronation founded in 10 September 2012. The kingdom was founded by Deden Sunarya as Wirasena I that ruled the country as absolute monarch until its disbandment.

Wirasena later merged into Indokistan in 18 March 2013 and retained all system of the independent country. After Barakstani secession from Indokistan in January 2014, Wirasena had its independence restored as the country turned as Barakstani - later Arkaporean dependency. Wirasena turned inactive since mid-2014, and presumed to be defunct afterwards.


Wirasena was founded in 10 September 2012 by Deden Sunarya, and took Wirasena I as his regnal name. After its introduction to the Indonesian sector, the country maintained only a minimum interaction with the community.

In early 2013, Wirasena struggling with inactivity. By Tian Abdurrahman advice, Wirasena declared its unification into Indokistan in 18 March 2013, and was accepted as a division retained all of its system as it was an independent country.

Wirasena entry into Indokistan was contraporductive, as Wirasena inactivity put a significant burden on Indokistani government. Wirasena later restored its independence in early 2014, almost at the same time as Barakstani secession from Indokistan. In February 2014, Wirasena accepted Barakstani - later Arkaporean - offer to join the country as dependent territory. Arkaporean leader Tian Abdurrahman promised Wirasena government to allow a referendum in July 2014 to decide on the country future.

Wirasena was plagued further with inactivity, as Wirasena I consistently resigning himself from micronational activities. Wirasena turned inactive in mid-2014 and was presumed to be dissolved afterwards, with the planned July referendum failed to took place.


Majority of Wirasena citizens originated from Sundanese ethnicity, and 100% of Wirasena citizens were Sunni Muslim. Wirasena citizens had Sundanese as their native language, but they also speak Indonesian as working language.


Wirasena I ruled the country as an absolute ruler since its founding in 2012 until its entry to Indokistan in 2013, and again after restoration of independence in January 2014.

After Arkaporean suzerainty over Wirasena, Tian Abdurrahman took role as the head of state, while Wirasena I power was severely reduced as the head of government. Tian ruled Wirasena as the Chief Representative of Arkaporean Royal Council.

Arkapore performed its duties on defence and foreign affairs on Wirasena, while economy, education, and other affairs were performed locally by Wirasena authority.


Wirasena economy relied on industrial sector. A sizeable number of rice fields in Wirasena also produced significant income to the country. Wirasena royalty also ran a factory in the capital Kota Wirasena.

Administrative Divisions

Under Arkaporean suzerainty, Wirasena administrative divisions were streamlined to mimic Arkaporean system. Wirasena were divided by city for urban centres, and regency for its hinterland.

Its capital Kota Wirasena was the only city of Wirasena, while Astana Raya and Bungur Raya was the two Wirasenian regencies. Astana Raya was the largest administrative division in Wirasena by size.