Kingdom of Kaz

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The kingdom of Kaz

The flag of the kingdom of Kaz
Motto: Cats are kings
CapitalThe City of Kaz
Official languagesKazzian
EstablishmentNovember 7, 2016-March 31, 2017

National symbols

The national anthem of the kingdomd of Kaz is "the cat has the crown".


In 2016, The Kingdom of Kaz broke away from the United States,and became a sovereign nation. The ruler of the Kingdom of Kaz was Twinkle McFluffy. Twinkle was a good ruler, but her head of military planned to sabotage to Kazian government. Truly an American Diplomat in disguise, and an enemy of Kaz, used Twinkle's love of food against her. the nation soon fell into poverty and revolutions rose against their leader. By the end of 2016 Kaz had broken into 4 different countries: The Kingdom of Kaz, The Republic of Kaz, The Constitutional Pentumvirate of Kaz, and The United Union of Kaz. After a series of bloody battles The Kingdom of Kaz united with The Constitutional Pentumvirate of Kaz, and together they threw the other two into the dirt. After the Kazzian civil war there were many heated discussions about who should remain in power - the pentumvirate or the king. Many feared another civil war looming. However at the brink of civil war, Twinkle McFluffy Balls stepped down from the kingdom and became of figurehead, provided she were to be fed one portion of wet food a day. The kingdom of Kaz was demolished and a new government was formed, thus ending the reign of the Kingdom of Kaz.


Twinkle McFluffy


The Kingdom of Kaz did not have half the culture of the now Pentumvirate of Kaz, however they laid the seeds for some of Kaz's most succesful entertainment.

Though most of the Peter and Leonard Films were created under the Pentumvirate of Kaz, the first Peter and Leonard - the Mysterious Murder Of Edward Smith, was created towards the end of the monarchy's reign. The Pentumvirate adopted this once they took power and created more films in the series.


The official language of Kaz is Kazzian, a dialect of English, however a minority of Kazzians speak Cattish.