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Motto: Pouge Mahone
Anthem: Tommy Gun
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentSocialist Republic
• Current leader
President Nichol
• Foundation
21st of April

Kleinland is a micronation in the Scottish county of South Ayrshire. Its name comes from the Dutch/German word for small, klein. It was formally member of the Alliance of Micronations.


Kleinland was created in early 2008 from the ashes of the Gleeb Empire (King Andrew's first micronation) by King Andrew I and his friends. Soon most of them forgot about Kleinland except King Andrew, his brother (Sir Tom) and his cousin (Grand Army General Adam). Despite this, it officially fell apart on Independence Day when Sir Tom refused to attend the ceremony.

In January 2009, it was restarted by the King as a republic and was no longer regarded as a serious micronation by him. It claims to have 'invaded' numerous coastal island islands along the west coast of Scotland.


Kleinland has its own army, air force and navy. The army is equipped with big sticks and crossbows which fire sucker darts. The air force has a remote controlled helicopter (Mx-1), a 20m solar inflated barrage balloon and a small fleet of gliders. The navy is quite small and consists only of remote controlled submarine.

Foreign relations


The Kleinland Pact

It was determined that Kleinland needed allies and a pact was drafted to this effect.


Kleinland Space Programme

Kleinland is aiming to to send a satellite into space by 2040. It is also hoping to be allowed to help build the International Space Station and join ESA. The Kleinland space programme is be run by Kleinland Space Agency or KSA.


Located in Scotland, it rains a lot and is cold quite often throughout Kleinland.

Kleinland Exploration Force

Kleinland has a exploration force. It has been to Norway twice and Italy and France once each. It used to possess a hovercraft, but on its first mission it burst into flames. The KEF returned it to the factory and obtained another one.


Kleinland claims to have 'invaded' a number of territories around Scotland and annexed them.

Holomans Island

A coastal island off the larger island off Raasay which is mostly inhabited by sheep.

Klein Island

A previously unnamed lump of volcanic rock off the town of Dunure.

Lochranza Castle

The land surrounding Lochranza Castle was successfully annexed, but not the castle itself.

Auntie Pat's back garden

This is a soon to be disused territory as she has moved house.

Upstairs room in Auntie Pat's new house

Location of the main military base and 'bomb factory'.


National anthem

The national anthem is Tommy Gun by The Clash.


There are a number of national holidays celebrated throughout Kleinland.

  • 5 December – President's birthday
  • 17 December – The day that the Wright Brothers flew the first plane.
  • 12 April – The day that Yuri Gagrin became the first man into space.
  • 14 October – The day that Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier.
  • 20 - 21 July – The days that Apollo 11 was on the moon.
  • June - end of August – Summer holidays
  • 21 April - Independence Day