Kokintz Measurement System

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The Kokintz Measurement System is the de jure national system of measurement of the Republic of Molossia. Named for the fictional character Doctor Alfred Kokintz from The Mouse That Roared (1959)—the film that inspired Molossia's creation—the system is intended to make it easy to measure everyday objects and things in Molossian life. Created by the Molossian Bureau of Weights and Measures, the system is based on ideas that are easy to grasp for the general Molossian populace, such as how much cookie dough weighs, the amount of liquid there is in a can of Diet Pepsi and the length of Kevin Baugh's hand.[1]


Unit Abbr. Kokintz Imperial Units Metric system
Length and area
Micro-Norton MN n/a 1 inch 2.5 centimetres
Norton No 7 Micro-Nortons 7 inches 17.7 centimetres
Royal Norton RN 9 Nortons 63 inches 1.6 metres
Imperial Norton IN 625 Royal Nortons 0.62 miles 1 kilometre
Square Royal Norton sRN n/a 27.56 square feet 2.56 square metres
Bascomb Ba n/a 2.3 ounces 65 grams
Fenwick Fk 7 bascombs 2 pounds 0.9 kilograms
Grand Fenwick GF 988.5 Fenwicks 1,977 pounds 889.65 kilograms
Liquid volume
Parador Pd n/a 1.7 Ounces 50 milliliters
Simms Si 7 Paradors 12 ounces 354 milliliters
Zenda Water freezes = 0 degrees Zenda
Body temperature = 65 degrees Zenda
Water boils = 175.7 degrees Zenda
Water freezes = 32 degrees Fahrenheit
Body temperature = 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit
Water boils = 212 degrees Fahrenheit
Water freezes = 0 degrees Celsius
Body temperature = 38 degrees Celsius
Water boils = 100 degrees Celsius


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