Kolbian Empire

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Kolbian Empire
Flag of Kolbia
Motto: "So that Whites may live."
New Solothurn
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised regional languagesAlbanian
Ethnic groups
(June 2021)
  • 40% Italian
  • 20% Australian
  • 20% Cuban
  • 20% Albanian
(October 2021)
100% Christian
GovernmentConstitutional Kolbianism
• Emperor
Giovanni II
• Caesar
Giovanni I
• Consul
Michael Night
• Praetorian Prefect
Maximus I
Legislaturenone yet
• Established
May 2nd, 2019
• October 2021 census
CurrencyDe facto: United States Dollar
Time zoneUTC-5 (Eastern Standard Time)
• Summer (DST)
UTC-4 (Eastern Daylight Time)
Observed between the second Sunday in March and the first Sunday in November.
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
Driving sideright

The Kolbian Empire is an unrecognized micronation claiming to be a sovereign state, located primarily in the Northeastern corner of the United States. Other official territories include a small cut of the Vlore Coastline in Albania, two acres of Miami Coastline, and an unknown amount of land in Cascadia.

Kolbia is currently ruled by Emperor Giovanni II, . The State falls under classification 6 on the Boodlesmythe-Tallini Classification, making it a 6th world nation.


The name Kolbia comes loosely from the last name of Sir Racek Kobyla of Dvorce, Hetman of Wenceslas IV; Though, Giovanni I will say otherwise, granting the Etymology to his creativity.


Founding & First Governance

On May 2, 2019, the First Governance of Kolbia was established as a Federational puppet to the Kingdom of Krainego, led by King Owen I.

By late May into early June, President Giovanni I had broken away from Krainego following a schizoaffective meltdown by King Owen I. This was reinforced by the ever-expanding political rift of disagreements between the two. Kolbia would go on to be witch-hunted into anarchy by many of King Owen's associates in the Micronational Community, including a series of "Microleaks" posts about the First Governance which used satirical private messages to paint the micronation as a National Socialist regime ran by "future terrorists".

Second Governance

Sometime within the months of November and December 2019, Giovanni I attempted to bring Kolbia back to the micronational stage with the aid of anonymous allies within the community.

As anonymous members of the Second Governance say, things were simply not meant to be. The Micronational community had still held Kolbia as a vilified "organization" thanks to the propaganda campaign from Krainego.

Giovanni I used the Second Governance as a platform to speak out against MicroLeaks, disproving many of the accusations attributed with Kolbia, mainly the accusation of being "future terrorists".

Activity died out within a week after the new year, as the Second Governance came to an end.

Third Governance

The Third Governance was a month-long test run in June 2020. The Government was a Tetrarchy between Giovanni I, Giovanni II, Maximus I, and Qemali II.

The test run was used to get a general idea on how the Micronational community was adapting to the future, as well as a counter-culture to the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.

The Tetrarchy was ended on July 4, 2020 after being deemed successful, as the Third Governance had managed to outlast the CHAZ.


Era Length of Era Notes Events
Days of Founding 2 May 2019 - 14 July 2019 73 days The first major era of Kolbian History, headed by Giovanni Timaeus Augustus (now Giovanni I). The Days of Founding are considered Kolbia's most active era as of September 2021, With activity being upheld up until the false exodus caused by Owen I's meltdown.
  • Foundation of the State and Governmental Body
  • Declaration of Independence against Krainego
  • 1st Constitution
The Age of Uncertainty ? November 2019 - ? July 2020 ?? days The second era to be headed by Giovanni I. The Age of Uncertainty was a period lasting an uncertain amount of time, roughly between November 2019 and July 2020. Giovanni I used the platform of Kolbia's Second Governance to dismiss and disprove MicroLeaks' article on him, omitting himself of guilt or accusations of him being a Terrorist. The Second Governance soon fell into inactivity, only for the Third Governance to be announced on June 8 in response to the establishment of CHAZ. The Third Governance would run until sometime in July, when CHAZ was officially shutdown. The Tetrarchy boasted outlasting the CHAZ before stepping down from the Third Governance.
  • Rejection of Claims by MicroLeaks
  • Denouncing of King Owen I's Actions
  • Diplomatic Blacklist of Owen's Associates
  • Diplomatic "Cold War" with CHAZ
The Returning Era 17 September 2021 – present Ongoing The current era led by Giovanni II. After a renewal of interest and a reconciling with many of Kolbia's close allies and friends, Giovanni II was appointed Emperor of Kolbia's Fourth Governance after a collection of ideologies formed one party. Following some of the political thesis tied with Neo-Feudalism, Giovanni II appointed and organized the First Government Head that extended beyond the absolute leadership role. Under the rule of a less radical, more generous leader, Kolbia quickly rekindled relations with many micronations within the community.
  • Establishment of the Empire
  • Condemnation of Political Extremism


The Government of the Kolbian Empire is ruled first by the Emperor, with his Caesar acting as his second hand.


Originally called the 'President' as of the Second Governance, The Current Emperor of Kolbia is Giovanni II, this is guaranteed by Caesar Giovanni Timaeus I. Under the rules set by Prefect Maximus I and Consul Michael Night, The Emperor of Kolbia may rule as a 'Dictator' so long as the rights of the people are not infringed upon. His powers can only be limited during a time in which He is either:

  • Unfit to Rule.
  • Threatening to tilt the political balance of Kolbia.
  • Infringing upon the rights of man as enforced by the Consul and Prefect.
  • Being manipulated by other Micronations into passing improper legislature.


The Senate holds little power alone, being the portal in which the citizens of Kolbia- or the "Plebs", may communicate with the Emperor. The Senate is currently led by Consul Michael Night of Miami, who also represents the Hoppean Ideology within Kolbia's Governmental Party. The Senate's Power is defended and upheld by Praetorian Prefect Maximus I, who represents Diemism. The Senate holds the following powers:

  • Can raise a militia in defense of Kolbian Territorial Claims
  • Votes on the admission of Vassals, Regents, and other Statehood-esque memberships to Kolbia.


The Constitution of Kolbia is drafted every time there is a New Emperor, but the general amendments have not changed since the First Governance. The Amendments are as follows:

  • The right to possession of weaponry, literature, flora, fauna.
  • The right to speak freely without bias or ulterior background.
  • The ability to leave the State freely.
  • The right to a free, fair, and open trial.
  • The right to defend Kolbian property under a foreign attack.

Political Pool

There is one political party in the Empire, the Kolbian Unity Party. This party is made up of multiple ideologies represented by various Government Personnel.