Kolniaric Union

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Kolniaric Union
La únitej de Kolniari
Formation14 July 2022
Founded atShedhill
TypeMilitary and Economic alliance
HeadquartersShedhill, Sprinske Empire
  • Glasgow, Scotland
Official languages
English, Scots, Kolniaric Languages (Sprinske is only Kolniaric Language still spoken)

The Kolniaric Union (Sprinske: La únitej de Kolniari) is an alliance for states in the Kolniari Sector, a Micronational sector in Glasgow, Scotland. Although the Kolniari Sector is a specific part of Glasgow, any Micronation in Scotland can be granted full membership, and micronations outside of Scotland can join as observer states, and may be promoted to honorary members. The Kolniari Sector is home to 5 micronations, 3 of which still exist, and are members of the alliance.


The Kolniaric Union was founded by the Sprinske Empire on 14 July 2022, initially headquartered in Shedhill. It was formed to prevent the sector from all out war again, and now has 4/5 of the existing nations as member states. The alliance kept the peace within the Kolniari Sector for a few months, but effectively collapsed after the Seitnamic War that has effectively broken the alliance into two separate ones, the alliance’s fall is partially due to the breakdown in relations between the Sprinske Empire and Union of the Free in November 2022 when it seemed that war was inevitable between the sector’s two most powerful states. Although the Hope Agreement prevented all out war, tensions are still high, although they are declining.


Nation Founded Joined
 Sprinske Empire 30 October 2020 14 July 2022
 Ìmpireachd ùr na h-Alba 3 September 2022 3 September 2022
Template:Country data Mafia Republic 30 August 2022 30 August 2022
 Duchy of Seitnam 1 November 2022 11 November 2022

Membership Requirements

  1. Must be in Scotland
  2. Must be an independent state with the ability to join organisations
  3. Must recognise all members of the alliance
  4. Must be willing to use their military to help allies
  5. Must switch to the Sprinske Delta (Common Currency Act)

Membership Benefits

  1. Recognition from all members and observers
  2. No taxation on imports
  3. Voting on alliance issues
  4. Members will be defended in the event of a war
  5. Discounts on Eagle Aircraft Corporation produce
  6. Development Assistance

Observer State

Nation Founded Joined

Observer Requirements

  1. Must be an independent nation with the ability to join organisations
  2. Must claim real land on earth, no space nations or simulations are permitted (Non-Kolniaric nations can join as observers)
  3. Must recognise all members and observers.

Observer Benefits

  1. Recognition from all members and observers
  2. Low taxes on imports (Much lower than non-observers)
  3. Will be assisted in some way in the event of a war
  4. Minor discounts on Eagle Aircraft Corporation produce
  5. Development Assistance
  6. Can be promoted to Honorary Member, which holds the same benefits as full members