Union State of Konakia

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Union State of Konakia
Flag of Union State of Konakia
Coat of arms of Union State of Konakia
Coat of arms
Motto: Wænskerdaļroļm eļpe inkandoroļm (Margalian)
"Unwavering and omnipotent"
Anthem: none
Location of Union State of Konakia
Official languagesRussian, Margalian
Recognised national languagesCommarenthian
GovernmentFederal parliamentary republic
• President
Aleksandr Kuzjmin
• Chancellor
Aleksej Inšakov
• Speaker of the State Assembly
Nikita Maljcev
LegislatureState Assembly
• Foundation of Commarenthia
18 June 2009
• Proclamation of Konakia
5 November 2014
• National Reformation
11 August 2018
• Restoration of democracy
15 April 2019
Currencyfirenz, փ
Time zoneUTC+3 to +5 (MSK to YEKT)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideright

The Union State of Konakia[a] is a micronation in the Russian Federation founded in November 2014 by Ivan Ivanov, who came to the community five months earlier as a head of semi-virtual state called Commarenthia (existing in various forms since 2009). Despite the fact that these two projects are actually related only by the personality of the founder, Konakia traditionally claims to be a successor of Commarenthia.


The history of Konakian statehood has been going on since the summer of 2009, when a number of virtual "villages" were founded on the territory of one of the schools in Konakovo, Tver Oblast, Russia. These villages (considered too small to be called cities until early 2011) later formed the virtual state of Commarenthia. At the end of 2014, the founder and permanent leader of Commarenthia Ivan Ivanov (pseudonym) renamed the state to Konakia in honor of the town in which it was located; considering the previous name stupid (the word Komarindiya latinised as Commarenthia derives from its capital Komarinka (now Zimbertangart), which name can be literally translated as a place with a lot of mosquitoes.) Nevertheless, Konakia always claimed the continuity from Commarenthia. During 2015, the form of government in Konakia changed about a dozen times (from republic to monarchy and from monarchy to republic), in September of the same year the country for a short period of time became a part of another micronation called Archizealand. After the restoration of independence in November 2015 Konakia gained stability, but often fell into long periods of stagnation. The current regime called Union State of Konakia or 14th Republic was founded on 25 September 2018 according to the Reunification Act signed by rivaling governments of 13th Republic.



According to the current constitution (the 8th General Charter), Konakia is a federal parliamentary republic.

The head of state in the USC is the President who is elected by parliament (State Assembly) for 4 months. President has mostly representative functions. The executive branch is the Cabinet headed by Chancellor, which includes three National Commitees (ministries): of foreign policy, security and cultural heritage. The legislative body of Konakia is the State Assembly, elected by popular vote every 4 months. At its the first meeting State Assembly usually elects a new president (in most cases, from among the MPs).

The 9th State Assembly of Konakia was elected on 12 December 2020. On the same day Sergej Bubnov was elected and sworn in as the 27th President. Vitoljd Čaban's Cabinet was approved by the Assembly on 22 October 2020. Its composition does not differ from the previous cabinets of Alexander Kuzjmin, Konstantin Tolstoj and Benedict Atojan: since 4 November 2019 Aleksej Inšakov is the head of National commitee of Foreign Policy, Benedict Atojan is holding the post of the head of Security Commitee, and the first president of Konakia Evgenij Alekseev is supervising cultural heritage.

The "eternal cabinet" and its national committees were abolished in February 2022 with their responsibilities transferred to the Crown offices of the West, East and North.

Constituent states

Konakia comprises 12 federal states, 9 of which are known as "daughter lands" and three are "sister lands". Only three of daughter lands (autonomous governorates of Dense Forests and New Commarenthia and the Republic of Baltia) have elected governors, the rest of them are monarchies. Sister lands were introduced in July 2021 by annexing three long-forgotten micronational communities once having political and cultural ties with Konakia.

Grouping Code Name Admitted to the Union Capital Subdivisions Head of government
Sister lands of the Metropolis ZK Kingdom of Commarenthia
Rondanhast waļt Zimbertanenhaļ Kjotnarid
11 August 2018 Zimbertangart Five voivodeships Queen Anne Mary of Severia
(Prince regent Ivan Ivanov)
WE Kingdom of Constantinia
Rondanhast waļt Wænskerdaļenhaļ
11 August 2018 Wænskerdaļgart Five voivodeships King Alexander I
SD Kingdom of Scander
Rondanhast waļt Skandær
11 August 2018 Tensengart Five districts King Eugene I
ZP Autonomous Governorate of New Commarenthia
Keļtrenwaterhast waļt Zimbertanenhaļ Projterid
11 August 2018 Bobrovo Four elderships Governor Sergej Bubnov
SJ Autonomous Governorate of the Dense Forests
Keļtrenwaterhast waļt Sintar Jalźegrid
11 August 2018 Novonemansk Four districts Governor Benedikt Atojan
Sister lands outside the Metropolis SI Principality of Sincovo
Berśinenhaļ Sinzowrid
1 December 2019 Sincovo none Prince Demetrius II
BA Republic of Baltia
Korderwaterhast waļt Śeļgerterbenhaļ
1 December 2019 Berëzov none President Aleksej Inšakov
IR Principality of Iremelj
Berśinenhaļ Iremeļrid
1 December 2019 Juriuzanj Two districts Prince Eugene I
FL Principality of Hvili
Berśinenhaļ Hwiļrid
26 August 2020 Gromovo-Voznesensk none Prince John I the Blessed
Daughter lands SM Duchy of Samara and the lands of the Third Archizealand
Sebberpenturg Samararid oj helisi waļt Nawerterbenhaļ Arzarid
10 July 2021 Sviatoslav none Duke John I the Blessed
HA Kingdom of Halda[b]
Rondanhast waļt Haļda
10 July 2021 Kosteviči none King John I the Blessed
KV Basilian Order
Cigætne Rondanģośrid
10 July 2021 Čerëmuškin none Captain minister Ivan Ivanov



There are three official languages in Konakia: Russian, Commarenthian and Margalian. Commarenthian language has developed in 2010-2011 and is actually Russian with the replacement of some Cyrillic letters with Latin ones and re-adopting some rules from pre-1918 Russian Orthography. Despite its unoriginality Commarenthian has the official status due to its role as the main part of historical Commarenthian identity. Margalian language is also can be seen as a legacy of the Commarenthian era, but its current version actually is very different from 2011-2014 linguistic experiments.

National holidays

  • Ursgirbetuļzen 1. (1 January) ― New Year
  • Ursgirbetuļzen 7. (7 January) ― Eastern Orthodox Christmas
  • Ursgirbetuļzen 18 (18 January) ― Margalian Culture Day (Margalian language reform, 2018)
  • Beleruļzen 18. (18 June) ― Foundation Day (foundation of Commarenthia, 2009)
  • Runaduļzen 1. (1 July) ― Commarenthian New Year (beginning of the year in Commarenthian Republican Era)
  • Majdeguļzen 11. (11 August) ― Day of the National Reformation (proclamation of the Union State regime, 2018)
  • Cilaņduļzen 25. (25 September) ― Reunification Day (signing of the Reunification Act between two rivaling governments, 2018)
  • Ajgaruļzen 5. (5 November) ― Konakia Day (dissolution of the Federal Republic of Commarenthia, 2014)

Foreign policy

Diplomatic relations with other micronations

Name Location Treaty signed
Laugrasian Empire Novosil, Russia/Kyiv, Ukraine 19 May 2019
Romanian Republic Romany, Belarus 7 August 2019
Republic of Svetlorussia St. Petersburg, Russia 20 September 2019
Republic of Daugavpivia (now Tewerian Principality) Pushkino, Russia 3 June 2020
Republic of Esgeldia (now the Holy Esgeldian Tsardom) Pskov, Russia/Riga, Latvia 7 June 2020
Republic of New Christiania Lugansk, Ukraine/Russia 20 August 2020
Republic of Witoldia (Fesalion) Dnipro, Ukraine 24 August 2020
Rovdino Empire (democratic government) Rovdino, Russia 25 August 2020
Kingdom of Levedia Kharkiv, Ukraine 30 December 2020
Great Sidorian Empire Kyiv, Ukraine 28 January 2021
Republic of Avinea Antarctica 28 January 2021
Waldrian Empire Riga, Latvia 28 December 2021
Gergenzedian Tsardom Balashov, Russia 27 October 2022

Membership in micronational organisations

Name Period
Organisation of Independent States 6 June — 16 June 2014
Organisation of Independent Nations 14 March — 15 March 2015
Congress of Independent Nations March? — 21 May 2015
Organisation of Monarchist States 14 May — 21? May 2015
League of Free States 10 December 2017 — 29 September 2018
League of Independent States since 31 December 2020
Organization for the Security and Cooperation of Micronations 27 May — 23 December 2021
Dmitrov League since 7 March 2022


  1. Russian: Конакийское Союзное Государство (КСГ), Konakiyskoye Soyuznoye Gosudarstvo (KSG); Margalian: Lenwojterhast Enarlardinrid Zimbertanæt (LEZ)
  2. Former fief granted by the king of Loneyard to former chancellor of Konakia in 2020. Claimed by the Empire of Loneyard since August 2021, month after it was annexed by Konakia.