James Hollingsworth

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His Excellency
1st Lord Hollingsworth
A profile picture used by Iggy
1st Lord Hollingsworth
Assumed office
c. 2023
Predecessor Office established
President of Nova Tromsø
Assumed office
October 2020 - late 2021
Predecessor Office established
Successor Office abolished
King of Centralia
Assumed office
27th February 2020 - 5th September 2020
Predecessor Monarchy established
Successor Title abolished
Emperor of Centralia
Assumed office
12 September 2020 - Oct 2020
Predecessor Title established
Successor Monarchy abolished
President of Ernest
assumed office
23rd May 2020 - de facto present
Predecessor Cooled
President of Ernest-Daravied and Elba
Assumed office
7 June 2020 - de facto present
Predecessor Office established
President of Fronsland
Assumed office
1 December 2020 - late 2021
Predecessor Office established
Successor Office abolished
Prime Minister of Ainsworth-Fesmar
Assumed office
3rd August 2020 - 10th September 2020
Predecessor Sir Tom Mark
Successor Office abolished
Prime Minister of Kirael
Assumed office
11 November 2020 - present
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
Born South Yorkshire, United Kingdom w:United Kingdom
Military service
Allegiance Nova Tromsø (formerly)
Almendrian Liberation Front
Battles/wars TOES-Almendria War
Ernestian Civil War

James Hollingsworth, 1st Lord Hollingsworth[a] (also once known simply as Iggy), was a Novtromsian politician and was the Preisdent of Nova Tromsø. He is also potentially the current President and leader of the Duchy Party in the Republic of Ernest, president of the State Union of Ernest-Daravied and Elba, and the Prime Minister of Kirael.

Early life

Iggy was born in England.

Micronational career

Iggy found micronationalism first back in February 2020, in the form of Minerva and Austenasia. He began the concept of what would later become the Empire of Centralia. During his tenure as the King, then Emperor of Centralia - he spent much of his time acting on other micronations rather than focusing on his own. This resulted in a lot of revisions and inactivity within his nation. Later into the year, he attempted to reinvent Centralia as Nova Tromsø, which had a significant Norse motif.

Nova Tromsø saw itself into the Cupertino Alliance, one of its only feats. Nova Tromsø soon disbanded after a year of inactivity.

His career has seen many premierships, such as Ainsworth, Fesmar and more.

Honours and awards

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