Kossian Civil War

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Kossian Civil War
Date12 March 2012 - 17 March 2012
Result Montriac accepting Kossian terms

Rebels and Supporters


Government Loyalists

Central Government of Koss
Commanders and leaders

Major Rebel Leaders
Tarek Kârjasary

Isadora Annenak

Major Loyalist Leaders Lucas Campos

Luiza Portes
Unknown Unknown

The Kossian Civil War was an internal conflict that took place within the Kossian Empire between the rebel components of Montriac against the Central Government of Koss. The conflict began on March 12, ending five days later, on March 17, 2012, when Montresque president Isadora Annenak, finally agreed on the term stipulated by the Emperor of Koss. It is worthy noting that despite the name Civil War there was no actual declaration of war by either sides.


Forming the Realm

When Lucas Campos proposed to Tarek Kârjasary the formation of a South American empire, Kârjasary did not like the idea, as it would mean that Montriac would be under someone's else control and influence. He took the proposal to the Montresque legislature which was too slow to make any decisions, leading Kârjasary to take the proposal to another Montresque organ, the Princely Cabinet, which accepted the proposal with 3 support and 1 opposition.

The Great Depression

In March 2012 the Montresque community witnessed its first great depression, called depeçi da lit. The population thanks to the taxes imposed by the government, was slowly losing interest in the micronational project and even leaving Montriac. This also caused a rupture in the economy that led not only to the drain of the Montresque reserve but also an external debt, 10% of the last recorded amount of money saved in the reserve. The government in obedience of the Archduke's advice, convinced a small part of the population to stay in the Archduchy, knocking down the tax affair. The population descended a 66.6% of its size. After this, the government was broken, many governmental officers had left and the interest of the citizens for the Montresque politics was almost nonexistent; and because of this, the Prime Minister decided to order an absolute monarchy under Lucas I until a new better government system can be applied, and the interest of the citizens was recovered.

Timeline of events

Beginning of the conflict

On March 12, Kârjasary came to Lucas and told him he would have to cede the power to the Montresque organs so they could regain their independence, Campos refused, starting the conflict. Kârjasary declared the Republic of Montriac and began to seek for external support.

Who has more support?

Despite the words of Tarek Kârjasary who stated:

"I don't want this to be a fight about who has more support."

The conflict quickly turned into a contest to see who had more support, the Rebels from Montriac or the Central Government of Koss. The Central Government won having support for several micronations.

Intermicronational response

Support for the Central Government ("Loyalists")

Support for Montriac ("Rebels")