Kotohito, Emperor of Wakoku

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21st Emperor of Sun
Assumed office:
28 June 2021
Predecessor Empress Akari
Successor Vacant
Personal information
Spouse Stella Precare


Children Motoi

Kotohito is the 21st emperor of the Wakoku Union and the third prince of the former emperor Shiraume. Another name for Kotohito is Antoku.

Japanese translation


言仁帝は倭国連邦の第21代大君(sun emperor)にして政治家。


母と姉から帝位と権力の全てを任されて2021年6月28日に大君に即位された。 目に見えない物は信じずカトリックの教えに添って生活と国政を往復する毎日を送っている。

English (The above Japanese translation.)

Personal life

Kotohito is the 21st sun emperor and a politician in the Federation of Wakoku.

He is a neighbor of the Arcadian emperor Arcadius I and a friend of the GC UnitedStates president Frank Jennifer.

He was crowned the emperor on 28 June 2021 with all of the throne and power entrusted to him by his mother and sister. He is a realist and spends his days going back and forth between life and national affairs according to Catholic teachings.


His mother is Empress Shiraume, the 10th and 17th empress of Wakoku. His father is Grand Duke Kanzan of the Sugawara family.

Wife and child

In 2021, the emperor married Stella Precare of the New Gallemar Empire. Queen Stella is pregnant with the Prince Motoi.

He also has a cousin Princess Tamaki as his second wife and is virtually cohabiting. [a]

About the child

His eldest son is the Prince ofMotoi


Emperor Kotohito is reported to have a polygamous relationship with two females as of December 2021.

Stella Precare

Originally from a noble family descended from the second emperor of the Federation of Wakoku, he is enrolled and is living separately, but is pregnant with a Motoi prince.

Princess Tamaki

In fact, she and Kotohito themselves are almost cohabiting with their cousins, and Stella, the queen, is also admitted.

Time as Crown Prince

When Kotohito was a crown prince, he assisted his sisters in their reign and was highly regarded by their parents and the public, but their relationship with their two older brothers was the worst.

About the engagement announcement of my niece and son

On 18 November 2021, Kotohito announced that he would marry his son Motoi, who is due to be born, and the princess Olivia, the daughter of her sister Emperor Twiska, as a child. Interviewed with.

It seems that this content was promised between Kotohito himself and his sister Tsuisuka, and that it was to solve the successor problem described later.


  1. In Japan, there is a monogamy system, and it is considered that the monogamy system is practically aimed at, but the" bigamy "in this article is limited to cases where legal marriages are duplicated. Overlapping legal marriage and common-law marriage (inner ties) is not a bigamy prohibited by this article (bigamy inner ties). Wakoku officials claim that it is not counted in Japan because it is based on the above