Kranggan Agreement

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Territorial Division Agreement between Republic of Indokistan and Republic of Raflesinesia
Created 24 July 2012
Ratified 10 August 2012
Location Jakarta, Indonesia
Signers Rayhan Haikal
Mustafa Hakim
Purpose To end territorial dispute between Indokistan and Raflesinesia

Kranggan Agreement (Indonesian: Persetujuan Kranggan) or on its full name Territorial Division Agreement between the Republic of Indokistan and the Republic of Raflesinesia (Indonesian: Persetujuan Pembagian Daerah antara Republik Indokistan dan Republik Raflesinesia), was an agreement set by government of Indokistan and Raflesinesia to end territorial dispute between both countries. The text was drafted on a meeting between both government representatives on July 2012, and was signed during LIR Union summit in August 2012. The name "Kranggan" derived from the region that was divided for two nations.

The agreement was ceased on February 2013, when Raflesinesia government declares their unification to Indokistan, resulting on Indokistan yields complete control over the divided territory.


Indokistan and Raflesinesia ratified a diplomatic treaty in early 2012, and since, relations between both countries are developed significantly, especially because both countries are located very close from each other, which made the relations felt more special. On June 2012, Indokistan and Raflesinesia unexpectedly claimed a same territory in Kranggan, a municipality located in Bekasi, Indonesia, resulting on territorial dispute. Despite on this differences, the dispute does not escalate into an open conflict, since leaders from both countries were committed to end the dispute diplomatically.

After weeks of territorial exploration, the final report was submitted to both country leaders on territorial division options proposals, which was wamrmly welcomed. Another exploration was set, and this time also involving Rayhan Haikal and Mustafa Hakim, so they can immediately examine the proposed division and existing settlements. After these explorations, both countries agreed on the proposed division and to set the final treaty, with the draft was made jointly by Mustafa and Rayhan.

The document was signed during LIR Union summit in August 2012, witnessed by Los Bay Petrosian president Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman and chairman of the National Legislative Council Muhammad Hady Faiz.


The preamble declares that the agreement was set to stablise diplomatic relations between Indokistan and Raflesinesia, and to end territorial dispute between both counties. The agreement designates territorial division for both countries which was equally divided. Further, a buffer zone was set on the border between both countries, that will be jointly administered as a free zone for citizens of Indokistan and Raflesinesia to be able to engage without any necessity to pass any imigration procedure.


After the agreement, both countries establish their new region simultaneously, with the Indokistan side was established as Slobodan province, Raflesinesia named their region as Gravelshire. Further exploration later founded that Indokistan actually receives larger portion of territory than Raflesinesia, which was caused by incomplete exploration that the territory actually expands southward. Despite on this, there were no actions taken because Raflesinesian government politely refused to have another negotiation concerning the divided territory.

Unification of Raflesinesia to Indokistan on February 2013 ends this agreement, and the entire territory control was transfered to the Central Indokistan authority as Raflesinesia was reformed as Cussex. Gravelshire was renamed Camp Hastons, and despite controlled by Central Indokistan, it still receives funding from Cussex government.