Kumano Jiritsu Nation

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Kumano Jiritsu Nation
Motto: 'Our Strength is not Found in Our Love of Liberty, But in Our Willingness to Defend It.'
Official languagesEnglish, Japanese
GovernmentUnitary State, Parliamentarian System
• Sendatsu
O Hatsu Kenji-sama
• Daijo Daijin
Hatsu Ryuho
• Secretary of the Senate
Dr. Yamamoto Seiji
LegislatureNational Senate
EstablishmentAugust 7, 2013 (April 21, 2015 as republic)
• Census
CurrencyU.S. Dollars (defacto), Kumano Notes (Dujure)

Kumano, officially the Kumano Jiritsu Nation in English and Kumano Jiritsu Kokka, (熊野自立国家) in Japanese, is a micronation that was created by Hatsu Ryuho in the summer of 2013. Kumano is a independent, agrarian and democratic society founded on the principles of life, liberty and cooperation. Kumano was the third micronation that was created by Hatsu Ryuho. It's predecessors were Aspinburgh (2009–2011) and Tatsumiya (2011–2013). Hatsu Ryuho privately told family and friends involved in micronationalism that, if Kumano went the route of the past two micronations and dissolved after two years, it would be the last micronation he founded. As of 2016 Kumano remains active.