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Crown Dependency of L19 and L19ian district
England, UK
Official languagesEnglish
• Emperor
Patrick I
• Administrator
Radia Crann
Establishment19 Sep 2015 (Annexed), April 2015
• Census
0 (18 Nov 2015)
CurrencyBritish pound (P)
Time zoneBST

L19 is a traditional region of Nedland, and was formerly split between Nedland and Paravia. It consists of a few classrooms throughout a secondary school somewhere in rural England. It was formerly a colony of the nation of Humanytaria, but the president, Radia Crann, granted Paravia the territory before it was partitioned in April 2016. On 2 August 2017, it was united under Nedlandic control, and is currently divided between two departments - Nedlandic Humanytaria and Paravian Humanytaria.


L19 was originally a colony of Humanytaria. Due to very good relations and the wish by Paravia to expand, Crann gifted the Emperor with the uninhabited territory. It had and still has population, and consists of a few classrooms in Crann's secondary school. The name "L19" comes from the area which the classrooms are in.


L19 and L20 became a part of Humanytaria from April where a national emergency was declared regarding the status of L19. In early 2015 it was declared that a new school building was to be erected and would replace a large portion of the grounds where L19 is located. Radia, the administrator of the former dependency, then discovered that the classrooms in question were only going to undergo name changes. Nonetheless, without the consent of the school, the names of the classrooms in both Paravia and Humanytaria were kept for formal and ceremonial purposes. L17, L10, L18 and L23 remained part of Paravia under the administration of L19 through the process into the present day.