Liberal Democrats (Mendersia)

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Liberal Democrats
Party LeaderImrich Kvajda
1. Vice-chairmanEric Smith
2. Vice-chairmannot elected
Founded8 June 2020
HeadquartersRepublic of Famiteur
NewspaperLiberal letters (Czech)
Membership (2020)6
Political positioncentre-left to left
Colors  yellow
Seats in Congres
4 / 5
Seats in Senate
1 / 4
Official website of LDP (Czech)

Liberal Democrats or LDP (Czech : Liberální Demokraté or LDS) was a Mendersian centre-left liberal democratic political party with increased regard to normal citizens. The party hoped to win the election, and that became a reality, as it won 87,5% of the vote and 4 seats in the first election in FQRM. The chairman of the party was Imrich Kvajda since the establishment of the party (8. 6. 2020) to its dissolution in September 2020. The 1st vice-chairman was the ex-President of Mendersia Eric Smith. The party was formed in 2019 as the Pirate Party of Mendersia , but was banned by President Jan Mírný on June 8, 2020. Imrich Kvajda therefore decided to establish the LDP, he was joined by Eric Smith and other Mendersia citizens began to join the party. It wasone of the two parties in FQRM.

Ideological orientation

Official program of the political party LDP
Official program of the political party LDP

Liberal Democrats is a party mainly focused on social liberalism. The party also supports ecology. Its other goals include, for example, LGBT rights.


Before dissolution

Election results

2020/1 - 87,5%, 4/5 seats in the Congress