LGBT rights in Åxenö

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StatusSame-sex relations illegal
Penaltybanned from entering Åxenö
Discrimination protectionsnone
Family rights
Recognition of relationshipsNo recognition of same-sex unions

In Åxenö, being Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender is a crime that can get you banned from ever entering Åxenö again. It is one of the worst crimes in Åxenö to be LGBT. In Åxenö there are no rights for LGBT people. The only way to chage genders in Åxenö is a sex reassignment surgery. You are alos not allowed to support pro-LGBT or the LGBT community. Supporting LGBT is a crime that can get you banned.

The government of Åxenö and all of the political parties in Åxenö are anti-LGBT. The government is very discriminatory towars homosexuals.

LGBT history in Åxenö

The anti-LGBT act was signed on 14 September 2023. Even before the anti-LGBT act was signed being LGBT pro was a crime and being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender was a crime. The anti-LGBT act was mainly to clear up the laws and make it a official law.

LGBT discrimination

In Åxenö you are free to discriminate against lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people. There are no laws to stop anyone from saying what they want in Åxenö, as Åxenö has public speech for any opinion.

Recognition of same-sex relationships

In Åxenö there are no laws protecting or supporting same-sex relationships and there are instead laws that ban same-sex relationships. But ingeneral most sex is banned in Åxenö.


In Åxenö only anti-LGBT books and media is allowed. Many pro-LGBT books and shows and other forms of media are banned in Åxenö. The anti-LGBT act banned any and all pro-LGBT media from entering Åxenö. All pro-LGBT media is censored and banned. Same with same-sex relationships and many other sex related media including porn.

Summary Table

Worldwide status of homosexuality
  • Homosexuality legal
  •   Marriage
  •   Marriage recognized, but not performed
  •   Civil unions and registered partnerships
  •   Limited legal recognition (domestic cohabitation)
  •  /striped (No legal recognition, but some jurisdictions offer non-binding certification)
  •   Limited recognition (foreign residency rights)
  •   Same-sex unions not recognized
  •   Laws restricting freedom of expression and association
  • Same-sex intercourse illegal or effectively illegal
  •   Illegal, although no charges filed over the last three years
  •   Imprisonment
  •   Up to life in prison
  •   Prison, death penalty on books but not applied
  •   Up to death (stripes: death under areas of militant control)
Click on map to view an enlarged version where rings in various locations become visible. These indicate places with local or case-by-case applications of law.
Same-sex sexual activity No Illegal
Equal age of consent (25) Yes Yes
Anti-discrimination laws in employment Yes No
Anti-discrimination laws in all other areas No No
Hate crimes laws covering both sexual orientation and gender identity No Hate crimes are allowed
Recognition of same-sex couples No Illegal
Same-sex marriage No Illegal
Adoption by same-sex couples No No
Gays allowed to serve in local militias No No
Right to change legal gender Yes Yes but only with surgery
MSMs allowed to donate blood No No

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