LGBT rights in Koss

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LGBT rights in Koss
Same-sex sexual activity legal?Legal
Gender identity/expressionTranssexual persons allowed to change legal gender
Recognition of
Same-sex status cannot be used to get special rights that others don't have
Military serviceLegal
State of Koss

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Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people in Koss enjoy most of the same legal protections available to non-LGBT people.

On July 7, 2012, the Grand Assembly voted overwhelmingly in favour of allowing same-sex couples the same 112 legal rights as married couples. The decision was approved by 6–0 with no abstentions.

Law regarding same-sex sexual activity

The only restriction is that the status cannot be used to get special rights. This is make sure all are equal under the law. The age of consent is 13 for everyone.

Summary table

Same-sex sexual activity Yes
Equal age of consent Yes since 2011
Anti-discrimination laws in employment No
Anti-discrimination laws in all other areas No
Hate crimes laws covering both sexual orientation and gender identity Yes
Recognition of same-sex couples Yes
Same-sex marriage Yes
Adoption by same-sex couples Yes
Gays allowed to serve in the military Yes
Right to change legal gender Yes
Access to IVF for lesbians Yes
MSMs allowed to donate blood No internal organization which you can donate blood though exists

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