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The Republic of LaiNovies, more commonly known as LaiNovies, is a micronation in Illinois. LaiNovies was founded on 19 December 2021, by Madilin-Jacob Soroosh (LaiNovies). Madilin-Jacob Soroosh is the current president. The population of LaiNovies is 67 people.

LaiNovies is recognized by 109 other micronations, when elected to the AOTM Security Council.


LaiNovies name comes from the Chinese word "lai" (来) meaning come.


LaiNovies setup began on 17 May 2019, but was fully established on 19 December 2021. On January 18, 2022, LaiNovies joined the ongoing East German-Molossian War, on the side of Republic of Molossia. LaiNovies has been an AOTM member since January 3, 2022. After the Highland Park shooting on the outskirts, the president of LaiNovies declared a temporary state of emergency, which ended on July 6. LaiNovies participates in US presidential elections, as well as their own elections.

Split of AOTM

When Alliance of The Micronations split on April 14, 2022, LaiNovies nor sided with the older, more influential AOTM founded by the Kingdom of Salanda,

nor the newer, smaller one founded by the Gunakian Empire,

They are open to form diplomatic ties with any AOTM, current or former member.

However, on May 12, 2022, they sided with the AOTM by the Kingdom of Salanda.

Politics and government

The government of LaiNovies is a democracy/republic. The president is Madilin-Jacob Soroosh and the vice president is Maya Godum. Both have been serving since 19 December 2021.

Law and order

In LaiNovies, capital punishment, (death penalty) is forbidden. The police force is relatively small. LaiNovies voted for in a 6-3 decision to ban Terry McKeen from AOTM after conducting a raid on the State of Norton. Rafe Burfield also voted for. LaiNovies voted in a 7-0 decision to put sanctions on all Russian micronations in AOTM. LaINovies voted in a 6-3 decision to confirm Corvin as the new secretary general. They voted in a 6-1 decision to confirm the USRM as the Secretary general of AOTM.

Foreign relations

LaiNovies has been a member of the Alliance of the Micronations since January 3, 2022. On January 21, 2022, LaiNovies was elected to the Alliance of the Micronations Security Council, bringing it's recognition by the 95 member states. They have voted for and against applications for membership/observer status of the AOTM. On February 8, 2022, LaiNovies established full relations with Kingdom of Salanda, and Reuben I of Salanda. On February 25, 2022, LaiNovies announced their support for Ukryna, and Ukraine, and micronations located in Ukraine, while announcing they are putting sanctions on Russia, the DPR and LPR, Russian Apes of America( refusing to recognize them) and all micronations located in Russia, due to the ongoing Russo-Ukraine war.On March 7, 2022, they established relations with Ukryna.

On May 6, 2022, they broke relations with the Gunakian Empire.


LaiNovies has a milita of 9 people, none currently living in LaiNovies, all living In Chicago, IL. On December 20, 2021, Shootings on the outskirts of LaiNovies wound 23, and kill 4.

Geography and climate

Location of LaiNovies, in Chicago. Illinois.

The average winter temperature in LaiNovies is 37 degrees, to 22 degrees. In spring, the temperature ranges from 34 degrees to 66 degrees. In summer, temperatures from 82 to 63, and Fall temps range from 72 to 39.

Ruby of Influence


The GDP of LaiNovies is 21,898.2 baht, or 409.55 USD.

Culture and media

Education is free, as healthcare expenditure is also low.

LaiNoviesian awards

  • LaiNovies Ruby of Influence, given to influential people of LaiNovies and micronations alike.

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