Lanna Harada

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Lanna Harada
Official photo
President of Hinata
In office
26 summer of year II - In office
Predecessor Tarô Nakajima
Personal information
Born 1995
Tokyo, Japan
Political party LRC (I-II)
Residence Takamachi, Hinata

Lanna Harada (原田蘭奈, Ranna Harada), (1995, Tokyo, Japan) is a politician and artist of Hinata. She is the current President of Hinata since the year II.

Political carreer

In summer of year II, Harada won Tarô Nakajima in the 1st Hinata presidential election. She is a political independent but she has links to the Liberal Reformist Club.

Personal life

She was born in Tokyo and in the mid 2000's became a popular song idol and actress. Later, in 2019 s'he goes to Hinata for left her idol life. She loves to sing and fishing. In spring of III, she married socialist politician Ryûji Midoriya. The same year she founded a Hinata record label and returned to sing with her album "Shima no Heiwa de" (In the peace of the island).



  • Machibuse (まちぶせ) (03/2015), Imperial Records
    • Gogo no Yume (午後の夢) B Side
  • Omoide no Serenade (思い出のセレナーデ) (10/2015), Imperial Records
    • Lonely Girl, B Side


  • Lanna's first album (12/2015), Imperial Records
  • Lanna's Summer (/2017), Imperial Records
  • Nagareboshi (流れ星) (/2018), Imperial Records
  • Shima no Heiwa de (島の平和で) (/2019), Hinata Records


TV programs