Layton S Lee I

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Layton Scott Lee I
King of Etopia
ReignJune 2021 – present
EnthronementJune 2021
PredecessorThrone established
Born15 December 2008 (2008-12-15) (age 14)
Chandler, AZ, US
Layton Scott Lee
HouseLee-Kingdom of Etopia
MotherRoyal Duchess Kaitlyn L Soelle

His Royal Majesty of Etopia Layton I (born Layton Scott Lee, on 15 Dec 2008) is the reigning King of the Kingdom of Etopia and has been on throne since Nov 1 2022, following its founding as a monarchy. Months after its founding, the King created the plans for the Castillo Dorado and established the Constitution. Under the King, the Kingdom Grew and established the Grand, Major, and Minor Councils which co ran the government though they weren't in charge the king is.

Personal life

His Majesty Layton was born on 15 December 2008 in Chandler, Az, United States. He is currently married/engaged to no-one though he has had a few past relationships. He plans to have at least one son and daughter they will be named Prince Layton Lee II, and Princess Aliyah Lee of The Kingdom of Etopia.

Micronational career


The Kingdom of Etopia was established around November of 2021 as The Diarchy of Etopia and was changed in June by a unanimous vote (between the 5 government members and 2 kings) to change to a Monarchy with Layton as the Head. The reformations which took place in the change to a Kingdom were the following:

  • The Government would no longer be controlled by 2 members and instead shall be managed by one.
  • As long as the king would like the kingdom stays a kingdom and shall not be referred to or governed as a diarchy.

Soon after the Reformation of Etopia, it ratified the Constitiution and created the Microwiki page seen today (Etopia).

On 7 June 2021 after a meeting between King K. B. L. (Name hidden) and King Layton it was agreed to initiate the country's transition from a diarchy to a monarchy and such negotiations between the two lasted until the 10th of the same month, thus passing on the throne to Layton who assumed the role of the sole monarch of the Kingdom.

Monarchical styles of
Layton, King of Etopia
Reference styleHis Majesty
Spoken styleYour Majesty
Alternative styleSir


His Majesty, Layton, Noble, King of Etopia,


Arms of the House of Lee