Leader of the Opposition (Vishwamitra)

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Leader of the Opposition
नेता प्रतिपक्ष
Logo of the Leader of the Opposition
Devin Purcell

since 13 October 2023
StyleThe Honourable
Member ofLok Sabha
Reports toLok Sabha
NominatorMembers of the Lok Sabha belonging to the opposition
AppointerLok Sabha
Term lengthNo fixed term
Inaugural holderTanishkaa Patranabish
Formation2014; 9 years ago (2014)

The Leader of His Majesty's Most Loyal Opposition, more commonly known simply as the Leader of the Opposition, is a member of the Lok Sabha who leads the official opposition in Vishwamitra. The leader of the opposition by convention leads the largest party not within the government: where one party wins outright this is the party leader of the second largest political party in the Lok Sabha. A political party out of the government is required to have at least 10% of the total seats, that is two members in the Lok Sabha, in order to be recognized as the official opposition.

In the 16th Lok Sabha, Devin Purcell of the Vishwamitran National Party is the current leader of the opposition from 13 October 2023.


The position of the leader of the opposition came into existence for the first time following the 2014 general election when Tanishkaa Patranabish officially assumed the role. The position prior to 2014 was never created because of the government being in a full majority in the parliament. The position of the leader of the opposition remained vacant following Tanishkaa Patranabish's appointment as Prime Minister in February 2015 and has been rarely used since 2017. The position was recreated in March 2021 following the opposition's winning more than 10% seats in the parliament.

Position and privileges

Although not constitutionally mandated, the leader of the opposition had always been granted the same status and position of that of a cabinet minister and has served as members of several parliamentary committees and commissions during their tenure.

Leaders of the opposition

The Parliament did not recognize any member as the Leader of the Opposition until 2014. The position is currently held by Devin Purcell of the Vishwamitran National Party in the 16th Lok Sabha.

Parliament Portrait Name
(born – died)
Tenure in office Political party Government Prime Minister
From To Time in office
Interim Position vacant 15 April 2007 31 December 2009 2 years, 260 days No official opposition Arnisha Arnisha Phatowali
1st 11 January 2010 22 May 2012 2 years, 132 days Dhrubajyoti I Dhrubajyoti Roy
2nd 22 May 2012 21 May 2014 1 year, 364 days Dhrubajyoti II
3rd Tanishkaa Patranabish
(born 2004)
MP for Beltola
21 May 2014 22 February 2015 216 days Independent Sarala I Sarala Baishya
4th Position vacant 22 February 2015 6 December 2015 287 days No official opposition Tanishkaa I Tanishkaa Patranabish
5th 6 December 2015 11 April 2016 127 days Sarala II Sarala Baishya
6th Position vacant 11 April 2016 9 July 2016 89 days Dhrubajyoti III Dhrubajyoti Roy
Sarala Baishya
(born 2005)
MP for Basant Bahar
10 July 2016 18 September 2016 70 days Independent Party
Position vacant [a] 18 September 2016 30 December 2016 103 days No official opposition
7th Arnab Sil
(born 2004)
MP for Outer Goshala
30 December 2016 2 January 2017 3 days Freedom Party Dhrubajyoti IV
Saikat Seal
(born 2006)
MP for Inner Goshala
2 January 2017 12 April 2017 100 days
Tanishkaa Patranabish
(born 2004)
MP for Beltola
12 April 2017 5 July 2017 84 days Secular Party Sarala III Sarala Baishya
8th Position vacant 5 July 2017 21 March 2018 259 days No official opposition Tanishkaa II Tanishkaa Patranabish
Dhrubajyoti V Dhrubajyoti Roy
9th 21 March 2018 25 November 2018 249 days Dhrubajyoti VI
Tanishkaa III Tanishkaa Patranabish
Dhrubajyoti VII Dhrubajyoti Roy
10th 7 January 2019 15 March 2019 67 days Tanishkaa IV Tanishkaa Patranabish
11th Sarala Baishya
(born 2005)
MP for Beltola Rural
17 March 2019 29 September 2019 196 days Independent Party Tanishkaa V
Position vacant 29 September 2019 3 March 2020 156 days No official opposition
12th 22 March 2020 7 June 2020 77 days Tanishkaa VI Tanishkaa Patranabish
Tanishkaa VII
Sarala Baishya
(born 2005)
MP for Beltola Rural
7 June 2020 28 January 2021 235 days Independent Anoushkaa II Princess Anoushkaa
13th David Augustus
(born 2007)
MP for Boragaon
8 March 2021 21 October 2021 227 days Royalist Party Ștefan II Ștefan Marius Snagoveanu
Farhaz I Farhaz Hazarika
14th David Brooke
(born 1981)
MP for National List
22 November 2021 3 December 2021 11 days Green Socialist Party Farhaz II
Position vacant 3 December 2021 27 January 2022 55 days No official opposition
William Cooper
(born 2006)
MP for Dadara
27 January 2022 12 May 2022 105 days Social Democratic Party
Position vacant 12 May 2022 3 October 2022 144 days No official opposition Farhaz III
15th Toyotomi-Kim Tatsumi
(born 1992)
MP for Radisson
9 November 2022 2 June 2023 205 days Vishwamitran National Party Farhaz IV
Rory Leonard
(born 2007)
MP for Noonmati
2 June 2023 13 June 2023 11 days
Chandrachur Basu
(born 2006)
MP for Basistha Central
13 June 2023 7 September 2023 86 days
16th Devin Purcell
(born 2006)
MP for Boragaon
13 October 2023 Incumbent 50 days Farhaz V


Devin PurcellUser:IndradhanushRory LeonardWilliam I, Grand Duke of MoletopiaDavid BrookeAlexander I Constantine of MonmarkSaikat, Crown Prince of Madhya PrantArnab Sil, Rajpramukh of Madhya PrantSarala, Crown Princess of PurvanchalTanishkaa Patranabish, Rajpramukh of Beltola

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  1. The position of the leader of the opposition fell vacant on 18 September 2016 after incumbent leader Sarala Baishya was appointed as the lieutenant governor of Central Guwahati.
  2. Saikat Seal became the leader of the opposition after his predecessor Arnab Sil was appointed as the first Governor of Greater Guwahati.