League of Communists of Nemkhavia

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League of Communists of Nemkhavia
Conradh Comannaí Nemcabha
Conraja Communjista Nemcavhija
Motto: Democracy, Brotherhood, Peace
Founded 14 December 2009
General Secretary Marka Mejakhansk
Chairman Nicolas Terijo
Headquarters Astor Impora
Party Branches League of Communists of Urkhavsk, League of Communists of Nemkhav-Skajacka, League of Communists of Cooley
Contact premier.gov@gmail.com

The League of Communists of Nemkhavia, also known as The League, is the current ruling political party of the Socialist Federal Republic of Nemkhavia. The party both formed and came to power on the 14 December 2009, during the Christmas Revolution, then returning to power with the reformation of the SFR Nemkhavia in mid-2010. Its policies are very much based on the model of Communism used in Yugoslavia and other eastern European nations, rather than following the line of the former Soviet Union.

The Party promotes Unity and Brotherhood among the people of Nemkhavia and promotes local solutions to local economic issues. This is in contrast to other Communist Parties, which insist on one party line in all regions. The regional cells have a large amount of autonomy in order to best respond to the issues that face the people in each area.

The League is also an intermicronational organization, which also operates a branch of the party in the Slinky Empyre, under the name League of Communists of the Slinky Empyre.

Party Organisation

The League as a whole is divided among the different Republics and Provinces of the SFR and one division abroad. They are as follows

  • League of Communists of Urkhavsk
  • League of Communists of Nemkhav-Skajacka
  • League of Communists of Bosja
  • League of Communists of the Slinky Empyre

The Nemkhav League, which supersedes the above Parties has many organs which facilitate its policy of letting the people's voices and votes count. All of the local branches of the party, while being autonomous in most ways with their own Central Committees and Politburo, ultimately answer to the Central Committee of the LCN and the Politburo.

National Congress of the League of Communists of Nemkhavia

The National Congress is the most powerful organ of the League. It meets once every three months, usually in the Party Headquarters beside the Old Palace in Astor Impora. All members of the Party are invited to the congress, and it is here that many of the greatest and most important decisions of the Party are made. Usually, matters regarding grand policy changes and additions to or deletions from the Party Consitution and Mission Statement are made.

Congress generally lasts anywhere from two days to a week, depending on the amount and severity of the issues being discussed. Any person can address Congress, and its individual opinions and points of view are very much encouraged. Usually, Congress will also have some very nationalistic celebrations, promoting what it is to be a Nemkhav. There is generally a Socialist overtone to such events.

Possibly the most important task of the Congress is voting to elect the Central Committee. Any member of the League is eligible to be elected to the Committee. This ensures that the leadership of the Party is entirely elected by the ordinary members.

Central Committee of the League of Communists of Nemkhavia

The Central Committee is elected at the National Congress and acts as the decision-making body of the party between congresses. It meets once a week. It takes care of the day-to-day running of the Party and has the power to make decisions on behalf of the wider party. It's members act as a guiding light to the rest of the Party. From its number, it elects the various leadership positions of the Party, the General-Secretary, the Chairman and the various Secretaries with different Party responsibilities. The voting system in the Central Committee is identical to that used in the Congress, a basic vote.

The members of the Central Committee generally occupy positions in both the Party and the Government, more often than not with the same portfolio.

3rd Central Committee of the LCN, elected 29 July 2010

Name Party Office National Office Home State Notes
Marka Mejakhansk General Secretary President of the Presidium of the SFR Nemkhavia, President of the Socialist Republic of Nemkhav-Skajacka SR of Nemkhav-Skajacka Founder of the LCN, founder of the Nemkhav People's Party, father of Nemkhavia, Politburo member.
Nicolas Terijo Chairman Member of the Red Guard faction of the party. SR of Urkhavsk
Colonel (ret.) Benjamin Pzacman Secretary of Party Security Member of the Presidium of the SFR Nemkhavia, President of the Socialist Republic of Bosja SR of Bosja Former Commander of the Nemkhav Citizen Army, decorated officer. Architect of the LCN Security Policy and the Defence Plan of the SFR, Politburo member
Victor Comask Secretary of Party Propaganda TBC SR of Bosja
Andrij Clint Secretary of Federal Unity TBC SR of Bosja Popular figure across the SFR.

Politburo of the Central Committee

The Politburo (short for 'Political Buro') is the highest council of individuals in the Party, being elected by the Central Committee. Generally, the Politburo contains the General-Secretary of the Party, the Party Chairman, the Secretary of Party Security and two other members. This group of people is given the authority to make and carry out decisions which require attention immediately, ie: issues that cannot wait to be voted on. The members of the Politburo generally occupy the top positions of the nation, ie: President, Prime Minister, etc.

3rd Politburo of the LCN, Elected 29 July 2010

Parliamentary Party

The LCN Parliamentary Party is the League's representation in the Federal Assembly. It is made up of all the Communist MFA. It carries out the will of the party and ensures that Communist opinions are heard at Assembly level.