League of Hellenistic Micronations

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This article is about the micronational organisation occasionally referred to as the Hellenic League. Not to be confused with the ancient league of the same name.
League of Hellenistic Micronations
Συμπολιτεία Ελληνιστικών Μικροεθνών

Headquarters Imvrassia

Official language Greek

Members 10 (2023)
Observers 13 (2023)
Founding member Imvrassia
Head of the League (de jure) none
(de facto) Aggelos I
Magister of the League Radon Arminius I

as the Commonwealth 25 November 2013
as the League 6 October 2016

Official website
Development of diplomacy, mutual recognition, peace and cooperation between Hellenistic Micronations

The League of Hellenistic Micronations (Greek: Συμπολιτεία των Ελληνιστικών Μικροεθνών), alternatively known as the Hellenistic or Hellenic League, is a micronational organization founded on 6 October 2016 and is the continuity of the homonymous Commonwealth which was established on 25 November 2013, with the purposes of development of diplomacy, mutual recognition, peace and cooperation between Hellenistic Micronations.

The League of Hellenistic Micronations has been founded by the Empire of Imvrassia, with the intention of giving a reference point to all the Greek-speaking and Hellenistic Micronations, and it is the first organization with this purpose.

Policy and Government

The main objectives of the League of Hellenistic Micronations are:

  • Development of diplomacy and mutual recognition between members.
  • Teaching of the Greek language, culture and history, and promotion of the Greek language use internationally.
  • Keep peace and security between members.
  • Promote the solution to the international disputes and peacefully resolve situations that could lead to a breach of the peace.
  • Develop friendly relations among nations based on respect for the inviolable sovereignty and for the principle of equality between states.
  • Promote economic and social cooperation.
  • Promote respect for the human rights and fundamental freedoms for the benefit of all the humans and animals.
  • Promote respect for international law and encourage the progressive development and its codification.

As of 21 September 2022, the main institution dealing with the affairs of the League of Hellenistic Micronations is the Synod, which operates as the assembly of the League. More accurately, the Synod of the League is the representative body of the member-states of the League, with each member represented by its Head of State, or his/her deputy, or designee. The duties of the President of the Synod shall be exercised by the Head of the League.

Government of the League


From its establishment until 2016, head of the organisation was Aggelos I, Emperor of Imvrassia, founding member and later Hegemon of the League. During the Commonwealth's era, Aggelos was the supreme leader of all the micronations under the influence of Imvrassia.


When the League was established and replaced the Commonwealth, Aggelos remained the supreme leader of 3 more years, as the "Hegemon of the League" (Hellenic: Ἡγεμών τῆς Συμπολιτείας). Until 2019, there was no deputy directly under the Hegemon in terms of hierarchy, meaning that Aggelos was the sole executive of the League.

List of Hegemons of the League
Hegemons of the League of Hellenistic Micronations
No. Name Representative of Took office Left office Notes
1 Aggelos I Imvrassia 6 October 2016 24 April 2020 Abolished


On 1 November 2019, Basil of Lofokrithia, Senator of the Empire of Byzantium Novum, was appointed Secretary-General of the League by Hegemon Aggelos, which meant that now there was a second-ranking official within the League's government. The Secretary-General was responsible for day-to-day tasks within the League, as well as operating as the Hegemon's partner, as an almost equal in terms of rank, albeit appointed.

During the 1st quarter of 2020, the permanence of the Secretary-General's office was questioned by a number of members, which led to Basil's frustration and the first elections ever. After the first elections took place, without the participation of Basil, the Hegemony was abolished on 24 April 2020, rendering the Secretary-General the head of the League's government, followed by the establishment of the Deputy Secretary-General's office.


During its existence as the first-ranking office of the League's government, the Secretary-General was responsible for the relations between the League member states, as well as with other organizations and associations, while the Deputy was helping with various tasks, including substitution of the SG, when he/she was absent. The first elected Secretary-General was to serve for 6 months. After that, it was voted to increase the term, doubling it to 1 year.

List of Secretaries-General of the League
Secretaries-General of the League of Hellenistic Micronations
No. Name Representative of Took office Left office Notes
1 Basil of Lofokrithia Byzantium Novum 1 November 2019 9 May 2020
2 Emmanuel I & II of Rhōmanía Rhōmanía 9 May 2020 1 February 2021 Resigned
3 Quintus De Vitaliis Græcia 21 February 2021 21 February 2022
4 Alcibiades I of Imperium Aquilae Imperium Aquilae 21 February 2022 21 September 2022 Abolished
Deputy Secretaries-General of the League of Hellenistic Micronations
No. Name Representative of Took office Left office
1 Thomas Marios I of Ovrestlia Ovrestlia 9 May 2020 1 February 2021
2 Alcibiades I of Imperium Aquilae Imperium Aquilae 21 February 2021 21 February 2022
3 Thomas Marios I of Ovrestlia Ovrestlia 21 February 2022 21 September 2022

After the second elections, it was also decided that a SG-appointed Chartulary (Hellenic: Χαρτουλάριος) would also take part in League-related tasks, which included but were not limited to: e-mail administration, social media administration, website design and maintenance, et al.

Chartularies of the League of Hellenistic Micronations
No. Name Representative of Took office Left office
1 Thomas Marios I of Ovrestlia Ovrestlia 21 February 2021 21 September 2022

Thomas Marios continued to act as the League's Chartulary, which caused much concern, but no action from the General Secretariat itself, leading to speculations which only added to the fury of the active members, who saw the Secretary-General abandon all activity within the League, even after his real-life obligations, leaving his Deputy to sporadically initiate motions, only for them to remain incomplete; most notably, the 3rd and final Synod of the League which was held, but never yielded an actual result.



As a result of the constant ignorance displayed by the Secretary-General and his Deputy, active League members started a motion in late August to try and mobilise the General Secretariat, to no avail. Therefore, after a short debate, it was decided that the General Secretariat was to be abolished, including the Chartulary, and the inactive members were to be demoted to Observers.

The remaining active members also decided to recognise Aggelos, the founder of the Commonwealth and, later, the League, as the de facto Head of the League, who will be operating as "first among equals" (Hellenic: Πρῶτος μεταξύ ἴσων, Latin: Primus inter pares); in other words, he will be the executive member of the League, without a title distinguishing him from the rest of the Members. Although decisions will still be made through team effort, the Head of the League will be the one to ratify them.

The new decision includes the motion to allow members to assume offices as volunteers: for instance, a Member can volunteer to become the representative of the League in another organisation, the e-mail administrator, or even an official diplomat of the League.

As first order of business, the Head of the League appointed Quintus De Vitaliis, Governor of Græcia, as the Magister of the League (Hellenic: Μάγιστρος). The Magister will be responsible for the following:

  • E-mail administrator
  • Social media administrator
  • Website administrator
  • Representative of the LHM in any organisation he takes part in
  • Authorised diplomat of the League of Hellenistic Micronations

The rest of the active members are able to conduct diplomacy for the League and represent the LHM in other organisations, as volunteers.

List of Magisters of the League
Magisters of the League of Hellenistic Micronations
No. Name Representative of Took office Left office
1 Quintus De Vitaliis  Græcia 21 September 2022 21 September 2023
2 Radon Arminius I Radonia 21 September 2023 Incumbent

How to join the League

Membership is currently granted freely. Εvery Micronation can participate if fulfills the following points:

  • Recognition of the Greek language as official language, or otherwise legal recognition of the Greek language such as recognized or local language status.
  • Claiming of a real territory, located on planet Earth.
  • Being an active micronation or a protectorate, proving it with a government, an official website, email address and as much other evidences as possible.
  • Respect human rights.
  • Promote Hellenistic culture and history,
  • Establish mutual recognition and diplomacy with the other member states.

Each member-state or protectorate will have full sovereign authority over their nation and may exercise that authority without the interference of the League or its leadership.

Membership in the League is on a voluntary basis and membership may be terminated at any time by either the League in council with the Synod of the League or by the member nation.

Email the League at leaguehm@protonmail.com for membership.


No protectorate can withdraw from the League without consent of the Secretary-General and the Synod.


Full members

Flag Name Member since Claimed area Currency(ies) Capital(s) Type of government Representative(s) Official Contacts
Empire of Imvrassia 6 October 2016 16.487 m2 Euro Stamatoupolis Constitutional Monarchy Emperor Aggelos I
Mesazon Danny Racovolis
Official website
State of Zenia 20 April 2020 121.000 m2 Euro Aurelium Republic High Consul Themistocles Apostolides @stateofzenia
Governorate of Græcia 15 December 2020 TBD Euro (de facto)
Convertible mark (de facto)
Kuna (de jure)
Græcian Stater (de jure)
Andriopolis (executive)

Hagia Aikaterini (legislative and judicial)

Geniocratic Government Governor Quintus De Vitaliis @graeciagov

Official website

United Republic of Obscurium 11 October 2022 TBD n/a n/a Direct democracy President Zar Antonov @ObscuriumGov
Radonian Empire 30 November 2022 TBD Radonian Denarii Nova Spartipolis Technocratic Imperium under
a Semi-Constitutional Monarchy
Imperator Technocratiae Radon Arminius I Discord: Venomgrievous VIII#4577
Kingdom of Constantia 8 February 2023 TBD Euro (de facto)
none (de jure)
Constantia Capital Territory Absolute Christian Monarchy King Christos I Discord: ChrisLink#6672
Democratic Republic of Orrie 20 February 2023 TBD Orrie dollar Orrie City (Undefined) President Sebastian @GovOrrie

Official website

D.C.F. Melite 12 March 2023[1] TBD km2 Tonna bucks (TB), Euro (€) Dominica Federal Catholic
semi-presidential republic
President Matthew Tonna
Resident Governor John Papadopoulos
Christian Republic of Keratsini 19 March 2023 329 m2 Euro (€) TBD Orthodox Christian republic Government of the Republic @Keratsini_Rep
Kingdom of Arkaland 25 March 2023 TBD Euro (€), Græcian Stater (Ғϛ) Kaini politeia Constitutional monarchy King George III of Arkaland Discord: Kingdom of Arkaland#7297


Flag Name Observer since Claimed area Currency(ies) Capital(s) Type of government Representative(s)
Republic of Ashukovo 5 May 2020 1.200 m2 Ashukov denar (Ѣ) Mladorossija Federal constitutional republic Stadtholder Prince Edward I
State of Vishwamitra 13 March 2021 0.40 km2 Indian rupee (₹) Rajagriha Federal elective absolute monarchy Rashtradhyaksh Dhrubajyoti Roy
Republic of Teweria 29 September 2022 TBD km2 Ruble (RUB, de facto)
Dinar (RSD, de facto)
Tewerian liva (TWL, de jure)
Nestorowo Semi-presidential republic Danilo Hrisanov
Empire of Austenasia 4 October 2022 ~ 2,51 km2 Pound sterling (£) Wrythe Constitutional parliamentary monarchy HIM Emperor Jonathan I
Thalassohora 27 January 2023 41,3 km2 Drachma (₯), seashells Feres Dictatorship Dictator Stavros Vomvellis III
Ethos Island 28 July 2023 TBD US Dollar, Euro Magalia (de facto) Federal constitutional republic Jan-Olav Spiekermann

Former members (now Observers)

Flag Name Member since Observer since Claimed area Currency(ies) Capital(s) Type of government Representative(s) Official Contacts
Principality of Doriea 11 October 2016 21 September 2022 3.000 m2 Euro Exedoros Constitutional Monarchy Prince Konstantinos I Principality of Doriea
Republic of Poseidonia 7 March 2017 21 September 2022 ~18,5 km2 Poseidonian Sterline, Euro Marmaroksera, Makronisos Unitary Presidential Constitutional Republic Aziz Baştosun Republic of Poseidonia

BN Flag

Empire of Byzantium Novum 1 January 2020 21 September 2022 TBA US Dollar Capital Unicameral Foreign Minister Basil of Lofokrithia Official website

Official facebook page

Empire of Ovrestlia 20 April 2020 21 September 2022 ~30.000 m2 Ovrestlian Phoenix


Florina Constitutional monarchy Emperor Thomas Marios I Official website


Imperium Aquilae 20 April 2020 21 September 2022 ~90 m2 Euro Cladarchia Parliamentary Monarchy Emperor Alcibiades I
Christos Sevastianos
Imperium Aquilae
Principality of St. George 12 March 2021 21 September 2022 0.04 km2 US Dollar, Euro Patras Non-Partisan Constitutional Monarchy Prince Dean II Official website
Basileia of the Romans 21 July 2020 27 May 2023 ~7,716.52‬ m2 Roman Drachma Constantinople (imperial; de jure)

New Constantinople (imperial; de facto)

Hagiopolis (administrative)

Elective Constitutional Monarchy Basileus and Autokrator Emmanuel I & II @basileiaofromans

Official website

Former Members

Flag Name Member since Expelled on Reason Claimed area Currency(ies) Capital(s) Type of government Representative(s) Official Contacts
Macedonian Sosiocracy 21 September 2022 27 May 2023 Micronation dissolved TBD Euro Serres Federal Republic President Athanasios Pehlivanidis
Minister Stavros G.
Discord: Zekman#8807 (deleted)

League's Map


1.^ Became observer on 19 January 2022.