League of Liberal Leftists

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League of Liberal Leftists
ChairmanMark Dresner
DeputyMark Meehan
FoundedJanuary 31, 2010
NewspaperWorker's Struggle
Youth wingDreyasso
IdeologyDresnerism, Libertarianism, Marxism, Direct Democracy, atheism, Titoism
ColorsCrimson, Gold, Red, Yellow
Socialist Union of Nemkhavia and Pristinia

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The League of Liberal Leftists (LLL), dubbed Libertarian Losers Lament by critics, is the ruling and largest party in the Socialist Union of Nemkhavia and Pristinia. The Party first came to power on January 31, 2010 due to the workings of Mark Dresner and Mark Meehan, promoting and enforcing within the borders of the Socialist Union its ideology of freedom and democracy. Contrarily to a large part of the micronational Communist block, the League does not support authoritarian structures and excessive interference of the state in the lives of the SU's citizens. The LLL has specifically stated that these types of governing were not coherent with Marx's ideas, and was rather fascism than anything else. Human rights are held especially precious as can be seen in most if not all workings of the party.


The LLL meets four times a year for its National Congress, discussing the future of the party. Decisions about which attitudes the party should have to a variety of topics are made democratically, and once voted upon the party usually takes that same attitude. However, the Politbureau may step in to ensure that no wrong decisions are made, and that the party does not drastically change its founding principles.


The Political Bureau of the League of Liberal Leftists is the guiding ideological organ in the party. Unlike most other Pristinian institutions, the Politbureau is not elected to office. Instead, the party founders Mark Dresner and Mark Meehan are, by the party book, the legal leaders of the Politbureau. They alone get to select those who may participate in the Politbureau.