Lechistani State Of Bir Tawil.

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The Lechistani State Of Bir Tawil.
colony of Lechistan Empire.
Flag of The Lechistani State Of Bir Tawil.
Official seal of The Lechistani State Of Bir Tawil.
السلام خيار للجميع(Peace Is An Option For Everyone)
Bir Tawil Location
Bir Tawil Location
Claimed22 February 2022
 • Total2,060 km2 (1,280.025 sq mi)
 • Total0
Time zoneUTC

The Lechistani State Of Bir Tawil, officially Bir Tawil (In Arabic دولة اللشستاني في بير طويل) It is one of the territories claimed by the Empire of Lechistan. It was claimed on February 24, 2022.

About Bir Tawil

It is an area of 2060 km² along the border between Egypt and Sudan; but that does not belong to, nor is it claimed by, any country, being considered Terra nullius. It is also called the "Bir Tawil triangle", despite its trapezoidal shape, with its longest side in the north running over the 22º N circle of latitude. It is the only area where the 1902 administrative border between the two countries was traversed. south of the 1899 political border. The area is between 46 km (in the South) and 95 km (in the North) long from East to West, between 26 and 31 km wide from North to South, and 2060 km² of territory. It was named like this since there is a water well in its center. The area came under Egyptian administration in 1902, as it was the territory of the Ababda tribe, near Aswan, Egypt.

Due to its status as de jure unclaimed territory, various individuals and organizations have attempted to claim Bir Tawil as a micronation. However, none have been taken seriously by the international community, and due to the region's remoteness and hostile climate, the vast majority of these claims have been statements posted online from elsewhere. No claim has been recognized, officially or otherwise, by any government or international organization.


On February 24, 2022, Lechistan Emperor Jesus Hernández officially claimed the Bir Tawil Territory.



The flag of Bir Tawil is composed of three horizontal stripes (green, white and red) The original colors of the Pan-Arab Countries. It also includes the symbol of Islam, the crescent moon and star.

Coat Of Arms

The Bir Tawil coat of arms has the eagle of Saladin. In the center is the flag of Bir Tawil, It is perched on a pedestal with the letters of the name of the colony in Arabic (ولاية بير طويل ليشستاني).


The culture of Bir Tawil is the same as the Arab countries, With the official religion of Islam and Arabic as the official language.