Leland Elliott

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Mr. President
Leland "H.A." Elliott
Governance General
In office
21 April 2012 - 15 May 2017
Predecessor Office established
Successor Office abolished
In office
8 October 2019 - 31 December 2019
Leader of The Armed Forces, Estate General
In office
15 May 2017 - 30 December 2017
Military Junta Cabinet
Predecessor Office established
Successor Tyler Wendyl
Leader of Duskia
In office
January 1 2018 - 9 January 2019
Predecessor Office established
Successor Office integrated
President of The Sun Republic
In office
10 January 2019 - Incumbent
Predecessor The Grand Assembly
Successor Incumbent
Personal information
Born 19 April 2000 (2000-04-19) (age 23)
Citizenship Justiceeaglesunrep.png The Sun Republic
Residence Arizona, United States
Military service
Nickname(s) "Leo"
Allegiance Justiceeaglesunrep.png The Sun Republic
Service/branch Duskian Army
In service 2017 - Present
Rank O-10, "Five Star General" - Duskian Army
Unit Originally Unit 1, moved to all Units.
Awards Order of the Edelweiss; Prestigious Service or Action Merit, 4 Exemplary Years of Service, National Leadership Award

Early life

Leland Elliott was born in Virginia, United States on April 19, 2000. (More to come.. Temporary placement)

Micronational career


Political views



It is, with the upmost certainty, that unity through nationality and prosperity among peace, shall determine the ultimate fate of this nation.

— Leland Elliott, 2018

I will not look toward the left, or for that matter toward(s) the right; but I will only look one direction. That direction is forward...without the unreasonable arguments our politics bring us, the way forward is the only direction I shall look.

— Leland Elliott, 2020

There shall not, and cannot be a single other Duskian nation who claims to be a legitimate successor to my great homeland here. Our Duskia is irreplaceable. Our councils may lay bare now, and our halls of congress may be haunted by the ghosts of silence; but we as a single state are on the precipice of epic gain, and true loss.

— Leland Elliott, on the outbreak of the Duskian Civil War 2020

We choose, not as a goal for the future, to exceed the heights of which we have never gone before. We shall put man, our men, into the hearts of all men. There will be a day where no cost is paid by blood, and no child, mother, or aching elder shall ever be required to suffer for the betterment of a state. There is no cost peace cannot pay. I ask you one question, and just one question only. Are you ready for peace, or will peace have to be ready for you?

— Leland Elliott, 2021

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