Levaria Treaty

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The Levaria Treaty
Levira Treaty on Guaranteeing the Rights of Lesbian, Gay and Transexual Persons
Signed2–5 August 2014
EffectiveUpon signing and ratification of the Treaty by the respective micronation

The Levaria Treaty, created on 31 July 2014 is a diplomatic treaty ensuring the respect of LGTB rights inside the signatories micronations. The treaty was named after the capital of Sorrenia, Levaria.


The treaty was created after the creation of the Denton Protocol came under scrutiny. Along with the respect of LGTB rights, the Denton Protocol planned to take action against Micronations which did not respect said rights. At the time, Sorrenia was preparing for relations with several right-wing micronations such as Lostisland, and did not wish to take action against them. It was therefore decided by the Sorrenian government to create another treaty, leading to the creation of the "Levaria Treaty".


The Treaty serves to show support and respect for the LGTB community. Throughout history, LGTB people have been persecuted. It is therefore important to show a respect for the community as equal citizens.

Article 1

Signatories will view LGTB people as equal citizens. They will hold the same rights as the majority groups.

Article 2

Signatories will respect the identities of their citizens, and will use the pronoun desired by the individual, along with foreign diplomats, leaders and representatives.

Article 3

Signatories view the LGTB movement as a necessary act to gain equality, however they are free to criticize the movement, should they feel that it does not act to obtain its goals in acceptable ways.

Article 4

Signatories will recognize the right for other Micronations to disagree with the beliefs stated in the treaty. Signatories will be urged to remain civil towards others despite conflicting beliefs, and will not act against a Micronation in an aggressive due to a difference of beliefs.

Article 5

The Treaty shall henceforth be known as the Levaria Treaty, named after the Capital of Sorrenia, Levaria. The treaty will come into effect after the signing by a representative of the Micronation.

Article 6

Signatories will be urged and expected to behave in a calm manner. They will be urged to discuss and debate the topic of LGTB rights with those who may disagree rather than attempt to sanction those who may disagree.


Flag Name of State Date of signature Head of State
Sorrenian Federation 2 August 2014
Republic of Wensleydale (formerly Republic of Akebar]] 2 August 2014 Rilgar Ompastre
Mercia 3 August 2014 Karl Friedrich/Richard Cunningham
Hortania 5 August 2014 Damian Billbrough
Suntrain 5 August 2014
Derskov-Viadalvia 5 August 2014 Shady Morsi
New Kingdom of Lundy 5 August 2014 Levi Newman
Komitet SSR 5 August 2014 Donald West

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