Liberal Democratic Party (Hinata)

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Liberal Democratic Party
PresidentTarô Nakajima
General SecretaryPierre Nikaidô
FoundedYear IV
Merger ofNichiren Democratic Party and conservative wing of Liberal Reformist Club
HeadquartersChûô, Hinata
IdeologyJapanese nationalism
National conservatism
Social conservatism
Liberal conservatism
Economic liberalism
Right-wing populism
Japanese neoconservatism
Big tent
Conservative liberalism
Political positionCentre-right to right-wing
International affiliationConservative Union
Seats in the National Assembly
2 / 3
District mayors
3 / 3

The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP and in japanese: Jiyuu Minshu Tou, 自由民主党, じゆうみんしゅとう) is a Hinata political party founded in hinatian year IV. It's a conservative and liberal party. The former President of Hinata, Tarô Nakajima is its chairman and leader.


The party was founded in summer of year IV, shortly before the 2nd Hinata general election by a merger of the Nichiren Democratic Party and the conservative wing of the Liberal Reformist Club following the example of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan.


The party is mainly conservative and economic liberal. Also, the LDP defends the constitution and the regulated and legal immigration. The party was founded following the example of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan and its ideology coincides in many respects with that of its Japanese counterpart. Is an olygarchical Hinata party.

Electoral results

General election

Election Seats in the Hinata National Assembly +/- Candidate
2nd (Y-III)
2 / 3
Steady[1] Masahiro Cheng

District election


The term of office of the President is five years without limitation of renewals. The person holding the office is elected by all the members in internal elections of the party.

Name Took Left
Tarô Nakajima Year IV In office