Liberal Party (Caudonia)

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Liberal Party
LeaderArchibald Sinclair
Founded4 May 2020
Dissolved22 August 2021
Preceded byLibertarian Party
Factions of the Christian Union
Membership (2021)4
Political positionCentre
House of Assembly
6 / 13
Cabinet of Ministers
7 / 8

The Liberal Party (Slovak: Liberálna strana; Scots: Liberal Pairtie) is a political party in Caudonia. It is the main centrist party within Caudonian politics. The party leader is Archibald Sinclair.


The Party was founded by Archibald Sinclair on the May 4th 2020, prior to the Liberal Party's founding, he led the Christian Union. Shortly after the party's founding, the Libertarian Party merged into the party. On 12 September 2020, former Caudonian Prime Minister Ned Fram joined the party. On 14 September 2020, the party changed its logo to the torch logo used today.

By 2021, the party was the second party of the Caudonian Political system since the outlawing of the National Front due to paramilitary activities. The party then went on to win the June 2021 Caudonian general election, the first election the party had won, with 15 votes, although this could likely have happened due to the fact that the Social Democratic Party's new leader, Robert Smith was not as popular as previous leaders due to his aggressive campaigning. The Liberal Party ended up losing to a Vote of no confidence and being replaced with Caudonia's second National Government. Shortly after this, during a the run up to a referendum on Caudonia forming a confederation with Elysium and Wynnland, the National Liberal Party ended up splitting off from the party.

Electoral results

Election year # of votes % seats won +/- Government
May 2020 3 6.3%
1 / 19
1 in opposition
September 2020 4 9.3%
2 / 19
1 in opposition
January 2021 6 15%
2 / 15
Steady in government
The Liberal Party did not participate in any elections between January and June 2021
June 2021 15 40.5%
6 / 13
6 in government