License Plates of Litvania

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Litvanian License Plates are issued by Litvanian Ministry of Transportation and Vehicles and Litvanian Police. All vehicles are required to have the plate in their front or back side of the vehicle to enter Litvanian territory or motorways.


A typical license plate template

All Litvanian license plates, exept for governemnt official ones, will follow the following format: XXX-1234X. 'X' stands for a letter, and 1234 are random numbers that the registration will have(It never starts with a 0). So for this registration:LBN-1234B, the vehicle was registered in Litveniya, specifically in the Bernogorod area. The plate nearly always also contains a flag of the issuing city at the bottom left corner, along with the letters LTV, above the flag, to indicate that this is a Litvanian vehicle. The first three 'X' stand for the license plate prefix of the issuing region, which is has three letters. The last letter is the first letter of the issuing city. On the bottom right corner,there is the abbreviation for 'Važnośč', the Litvanian word for expiry period/time. Next to that there is the expiry date in the form of a month, and a year.

Vehicle Code

  • Sedan/Minivan: A
  • Motorcycle: B
  • Buses: C
  • Taxi: TX
  • Trucks: T